A Special Kind of Incompetence – By Jeff Katz

Katz00By: Jeff Katz: October, 2014

On the heels of the most major security breach to ever take place at The White House we see the first ever case of Ebola in the United States of America. Is there a connection? You bet your rear end there is!

Regardless of your personal political inclinations you must acknowledge that for the past six years we have seen the minor leaguers in control of the executive branch of the Federal government and the results are becoming increasingly more dangerous.

We all chuckled when a pampered egomaniac proclaimed that his election would keep the seas from rising. That should be, at best, a bad punch line to a lame Saturday Night Live skit but of course it was stated as a matter of fact by someone who always believes that he is the smartest guy in the room. This arrogance has not been limited to simply spewing the tired old talking points from the global cooling, I mean global warming…oh wait no that is global climate change…damn, forgot they had to change that too…now it’s the global climate disruption hucksters… and it has been seen in every segment of his administration.

While the President travelled the far and wide apologizing to anyone and everyone who would listen, the sworn enemies of the United States were still working overtime to cause damage and injury to our nation. While our American leadership is focused on banning the name “Redskins” from the NFL there exist real dangers threatening the American people.

There a two hundred American troops being deployed to Iraq but three thousand being sent to West Africa. Military men and women are trained and equipped to combat enemies like the jihadi terrorists found in Iraq but those troops are under orders to do nothing. Our infantry units are neither equipped nor trained to deal with a communicable terminal disease but thousands of them are now ordered in to the heart of Ebola country. What could possibly go wrong?

Armed and dangerous men are getting in to The White House and within a few inches of the President and the Secret Service Director explains, “Our security plan failed.” Really? Ya think? Ms. Pierson has tendered her resignation and it has been accepted, but let us be honest it takes a very special kind of incompetence to be fired from this administration. Enterovirus is being seen in exponentially larger numbers than ever before and Ebola is now in the United States. The CDC officials state, “It is regrettable that the Ebola patient was not kept at the hospital.” Regrettable…exactly, just like screwing up someone’s lunch order. Kind of like white bread instead of wheat bread.

President Obama has told us that the border is secure, ISIS is the junior varsity and that if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. Now he tells us that the he and his team have a handle on the whole Ebola matter. And there ya go!

Jeff Katz

Jeff Katz

Jeff Katz is a former police officer, former talk show host on Talk1200AM and won the Associated Press Award for Best Talk Show In Boston two years in a row. He is now an exclusive columnist for The Valley Patriot. You can email him at

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One Response to A Special Kind of Incompetence – By Jeff Katz

  1. Bill Gilman Reply

    October 26, 2014 at 1:58 PM

    Hey Jeff… an honest question. How in the hell are you stupid enough to blame the administration or the CDC for the ebola patient left the hospital??????
    Oh wait, you’re not stupid .. clearly YOU think you’re the smartest guy in the room, you arrogant jackass.
    By the way, getting an award for best talk radio show is akin to being awarded “best pornographer.” Talk radio does ZERO to improve society. Liberal or conservative, all they do is divide and destroy. And EVERY host is a partisan liar. Apparently you were the best liar of the bunch.
    You want to to critique the administtration for crappy national security, fine. That is an acceptable critique. Well deserved, even.
    But once you drift into hyperbole designed to incite fear and loathing, you lose every piece of credibility.
    You’re no journalist. You’re a a political hack.

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