Can America Survive Obama’s Treason and the Treason of the Democrat Party?



By: Dr. Charles Ormsby – July, 2014

I’m no fan of our President. I’m sure that is clear to anyone who has been reading my articles since his election in 2008. Despite my disagreement with Obama on nearly every issue, I have tried to present a reasoned opposition and avoid excessively negative characterizations of Obama and his policies.

The recent events surrounding the release of five high-level enemy operatives in an exchange for a U.S. defector, and probable enemy collaborator, forces me to describe Obama and his policies in unmistakable, plain language. This recent, unprecedented and inexcusable exchange, which included two terrorists wanted by the International Court for crimes against humanity, will almost certainly lead to the future deaths of numerous innocents – both civilian and military. Don’t be surprised if this includes Americans.

Obama made this exchange, despite the HELL-NO opposition of nearly every high level military and intelligence professional and members of the Senate Intelligence and House Foreign Affairs Committees – including Democrat members. Despite this bi-partisan opposition, Obama has consciously chosen to act in a manner detrimental to the interests of the United States. He has provided substantial and unmistakable aid to our sworn enemies in a time of war. He has acted in a traitorous fashion and, as a result, he deserves the ultimate disgrace of impeachment. Of course the Democrat-controlled Senate will not vote to convict Obama, but if our senators had America’s best interests in mind, they would. Impeachment is not the full extent of what Obama deserves; after a conviction, Obama should face criminal charges. Presidents cannot be above the law.

It is to the credit and resiliency of the U.S. that we have survived this traitor for 2000 days. Somehow we must hold on for another 950.

But is Obama really a traitor? How else can we explain the Obama regime consistently making disastrous decisions that undermine the Constitution and weaken our Republic? Being wrong 7 times out of 10 times could be the result of poor assumptions, a bloated government bureaucracy, or a few bad advisors, but being disastrously wrong 99% of the time can only be the result of conscious intent.

For the first five years of the Obama administration I tried to explain Obama’s illogical policies based on mere incompetence … even idiocy. Recent events have made such explanations impossible. It has become clear that Obama is the Manchurian President. Obama is a full-fledged traitor whose now obvious goal is to destroy the moral foundations of our Republic (individual liberty based on property rights) and eliminate America’s influence in world affairs.
But Obama is not the only guilty party.

It is now clear that a substantial cadre of the administration’s leadership team is equally culpable. These people may have been loyal to the United States when they began their government service or once thought they could harvest the rewards of power without inflicting substantial harm to America, but such excuses can no longer hide their support of a treasonous President.

From economic policies designed to cripple the American economy, to the abuse of power via the Justice Department, EPA, IRS and the NSA, Obama has sought to undermine our economy and reduce our liberties. In just a few short years, Obama has gutted our military and destabilized our ability to protect U.S. interests abroad and our security at home. His leadership team and friendly Democrat legislators are enablers and therefore they all share his guilt. It is imperative that the Democrat politicians who are instrumental in carrying out Obama’s anti-American agenda be rejected by the American people this November and in 2016, so America can return to the principles that made our country great.

We have just enjoyed another anniversary of America’s founding. Was it just a holiday from the daily stresses of life or was it an opportunity to reflect on the principles that justify our loyalty and patriotism – a loyalty and patriotism that our President and his enablers don’t share?

The Left often disparages patriotism and polls show that few of their ilk are proud to be Americans (was Michelle Obama the first first-lady to say she had never been proud to be an American?). When one considers that many Germans were patriotic during World War II and many Soviets were patriotic during the Cold War, I can understand why pride in one’s country and patriotism can be suspect. But there are multiple forms of patriotism depending on the underlying emotion or rational.

Consider tribal patriotism, where members of a tribe stick up for their tribe just because it is THEIR tribe. The tribe looks out for them. If their tribe steals some loot they get to share in the booty. The Democrat tribe likes this kind of loyalty … just consider the unions and the army of moochers that sustain them.

Then there is territorial Patriotism. Some are patriotic because they feel an affinity to the land. You know, “Amber ways of grain” and “From sea to shining sea.” Not an unreasonable emotion, but not a justification for the greatness of a nation.
There is also faith-based patriotism. You know, America is great because God loves America the most. We are the chosen ones.

None of these describe my brand of patriotism. I love America because it is founded on the principles outlined by our Founding Fathers: an ideology of individual liberty with a Constitution that was crafted specifically to limit government power and thus protect individual liberty from government excess.

This is the kind of patriotism that the statists, such as Obama and today’s Democrats, hate and disparage. Their goal is to fundamentally change America by destroying individual liberty.

If they succeed, we will lose both our country and our rational justification for patriotism.
Then, those of us who love freedom and liberty will have to enlist as patriots in a new American Revolution.

Dr. Charles Ormsby

Dr. Charles Ormsby

Dr. Charles Ormsby served two terms on the North Andover School Committee, co-founded of the North Andover Taxpayers Association, is a a co-founder of and columnist for The Valley Patriot, broadcasts weekly opinion pieces for WCAP (980 AM) in Lowell, and is a faculty member in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Dr. Ormsby is a graduate of Cornell and has a doctorate degree from MIT. You can email him at

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One Response to Can America Survive Obama’s Treason and the Treason of the Democrat Party?

  1. Bill Gilman Reply

    July 21, 2014 at 1:07 PM

    Charles its hard to know where the lies began. I wont call you doctor because you have shamed it by being a political habitual liar. My father was a doctor and earned the distinction every day.
    1. There was no high level bi partisan opposition. In fact, the complaints were that Obama side stepped congress altogether for expediency.
    2. There is no evidence the US soldier was a defector. He was AWOL and abandoned his post and was certainly no hero. But you might want to look up “defector” in a dictionary.
    3. There is ABSOLUTELY no evidence he willingly collaborated with the enemy. None. Zero Zip. Might there be some day? Maybe. There is an investigation going on. But right now? No. And THAT is what we like to call slander.
    4. What Obama did was stretching his authority and certainly showed no desire to work with congress? No. I would trade five mexican prisoners to get back our marine in Mexico and I’m not sure why that has not happened.
    Treason is not a word that used to be tossed around lightly. This all began with the Bill Clinton impeachment. Then when Bush went to war Democrats started yelling for his impeachment which was ridiculous. And the GOP called anyone opposing the war anti american and treasonous.
    Treason is heart-attack serious and VERY specific.
    Obama did NOT commit treason. Bad judgement? That could be argued. But treason? No. Again, slander.
    Having a column or a blog does not give ANYONE the right to throughout reckless, libelous accusations.
    Show some responsibility.
    Oh and before you call me a liberal. I’m a Bible Believing born again Christian who voted for Huckabee in 2008 (primary and general) and Paul in 2012 (Primary and general).
    And as a Christian I know that it DOES matter how you play the game. If you play to win with dishonor you are just as bad as the people you hope to defeat.

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