CBD Oil Won’t Get You High But Will Make You Feel Better



Downtown North Andover has gone through an amazing revitalization in the last two years.

As part of a series focusing on the new and improved downtown, we spoke with Brain Jakimczyk owner of Your CBD Store at 73 Main Street about his CBD Products. Brian also has stores in Reading and Tewksbury.

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What is CBD? Is it marijuana? Some people think you can get high on CBD? Is it safe, and what do you use it for?

“CBD oil does not come from marijuana as you think of it. The CBD that we sell comes from industrial hemp, which is the male form of marijuana that does not flower.

Kids do not smoke it to get high. There’s very little THC in most CBD products and in our product there is zero THC because we’ve removed it.

CBD has targeted uses for things like, full body inflammation, pain, arthritis, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. A wide range of things can be targeted with this plant.

CBD is a derivative of industrial hemp as I said, and can be purchased legally in Massachusetts with no licenses no prescriptions, and it is sold over the counter.

CBD-Oil-Near-Me-Reading-093-04Some of the things that people will say to us after using CBD is that the pain has been dialed back. If they have bad knees, or arthritis, they come back into the store and say we are sleeping better, or ‘I’ve noticed some of my anxiety is gone’, so there’s a lot of positive attributes to including CBD oil as part of your daily regimen.

There’s nothing in the store that will get you high. You can eat and drink everything here, and you will never get high.

It’s just something for people who want help without the high, and that’s what we sell.

Does it work for everyone?

It doesn’t work for the entire population, no. It’s important to note that you can’t say to somebody ‘here, this CBD is going to make your anxiety go away’.
Everybody’s a little bit different. There is a certain percentage of the population who do not respond to CBD products. Just like there’s a certain percentage of the population who don’t make their own cholesterol, or are left-handed.

So, we don’t know who those people are. We don’t claim to know who they are or that this will help everyone.

We do give out free samples every day here at the store and we invite people to come into the store and try some.

Brian says that CBD oil works within five minutes to alleviate pain or anxiety.
“And the best part is, you can try for yourself before you buy.

Your CBD Store at 73 Main Street in North Andover is open 11AM to 7PM every day except for Monday. They also have a store at 87 Main St, Reading, MA 01867 You can call them at 978-552-3545 their website is

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Tom Duggan

Tom Duggan

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2 Responses to CBD Oil Won’t Get You High But Will Make You Feel Better

  1. peter jasz Reply

    July 16, 2019 at 6:36 PM

    I’ve had similar, near-instant ‘relaxation/relief’ from pure CBD Higher-concentration) oil.
    Don’t expect opiate-style pain relief -BUT, it does bring down inflammation pain to a noticeable level. However, It ain’t cheap.


  2. Hank D Reply

    September 12, 2019 at 7:52 AM

    CBD derived from hemp is garbage. Hemp is a crop that is planted for phytoremidiation; meaning it sucks the toxins out of soil. Farmers do this reduce the time between planting food crops on a particular plot of soil. All of those toxins and excess fertilizers in the soil are then sucked up by the hemp. Plus CBD alone has not been proven to do anything. There’s no science on any of it. Ask the marijuana community – also lacking science – and they will tell you for CBD to be effective you need some THC and the other cannabinoids that come from the cannabis sativa plant.

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