EDITORIAL: Would YOU Give Hitler More Power?


Feb. 2018

Since President Donald Trump was elected, the Democrats in Congress and their mouthpieces in the “news” media have routinely made the charge that President Donald Trump is a racist “Nazi”. He’s even been called “Hitler”.
Nazis are considered right-wing, fascist, white supremacists.

Trump is also accused by these same political forces of being a spy for Vladamir Putin’s Russia.

Russia is a communist country. Communists are considered left-wing authoritarians.

Somehow, the Trump haters want you to believe that President Trump is simultaneously a communist and a fascist, both Hitler and Stalin, all rolled up into one, with Mussolini and Pol Pot thrown in for good measure. For those of you who believe even one of those things, all we ask is that you put aside the narrative you have been fed, and think for yourself for just a few more paragraphs.

Consider this.

The Nazis exterminated millions of people in WWII, as did the communists (millions more after). Nazis and Communists use the structure of government to rule by fear, force, and death.

So, if you were in Congress and you believed Donald Trump was a racist, Nazi, communist, white supremacist, anti-Islamic, Jew-hater … would YOU vote to give “the next Hitler” MORE power to spy on Americans?

Would you publicly advocate giving him additional legal authority to keep secret lists of “enemies of the state”? Would you vote to increase his power to spy on everyone’s emails, phone calls, or let federal police track your every move through your cell phone?

Of course not.

What sane person would recognize a critical danger like “the next Adolph Hitler” and then give him more power?



Yet, that’s exactly what the Democrats in Congress did last month.

As the Democrats in Congress were on CNN every night attacking Trump as a genocidal maniac, during the day they were voting unanimously to renew the Patriot Act’s FISA provision. FISA allows Trump’s FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies (like the NSA, and even IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT), to have more legal authority to spy on American citizens without their knowledge.

Under FISA, the government can keep secret files on Americans that are deemed enemies of the state… or … as the Democrats would explain it… enemies of Donald Trump.

Yet, not one Democrat opposed the renewal of the FISA provision of the Patriot Act last week; not Ed Markey, not Dick Durbin, not Bernie Sanders … not even Elizabeth Warren.

These same people who sell you the story that Trump is the new “Adolph Hitler”, themselves gave Adolph the power to abuse government, seek out and destroy his enemies, and begin the process of exterminating blacks, Jews, and anyone who isn’t white.

What’s worse, CNN and the fake “news” media gave aid and comfort to the Democrat liars by burying the story of the FISA renewal and shouting Nazi, Nazi, Nazi, over and over again hoping you won’t notice.

If ever there was a case of liars exposing themselves through their own actions, the vote to renew FISA is it.

A wise man once said it doesn’t matter what someone says, “Trust only behavior”.

We are watching the behavior of the Democrats in Congress … we hope our Democrat readers who hear and repeat their lies would too … because there’s not much there to trust anymore.



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2 Responses to EDITORIAL: Would YOU Give Hitler More Power?

  1. Jim Sullivan Reply

    February 9, 2018 at 1:40 PM

    What people seem to forget is that the term NAZI stands for National SOCIALIST party which overthrew the conservative democracy in power at that time. They also seem to forget that nearly all Socialist take overs become extreme totalitarian governments. If it was not for the support of ALL the leftist liberal groups, right to choose, etc. of that day, the NAXI’s would not have succeeded.

  2. istherehope1 Reply

    February 10, 2018 at 4:30 PM

    Russia WAS a communist country.

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