“Racist” Valley Democrats Support Voter ID – Valley Patriot Editorial December 2013

Marcos Devers Endorses Dan Rivera

Lawrence State Rep. Marcos Devers with Mayor -elect Dan Rivera, both support Voter ID

By: Tom Duggan – December 15, 2013

Last month all three of Lawrence’s State Representatives voted in favor of Voter ID in Massachusetts.

This is odd given that we are told day in, and day out by the Democrat leadership, and the so called “news” media that people who support Voter ID are, in fact, “racists” trying to deny Latino’s the “right to vote.”

It’s odd because two of the three legislators representing Lawrence are Dominican (ie: Latinos) Marcos Devers and Frank Moran. The third is Diana DiZoglio who speaks fluent Spanish and garnered a large amount of support from Lawrence’s Latino population in the last election.

How can this be?

Are Marcos Devers, Frank Moran and Diana DiZoglio racist against Latinos?

Lawrence is 80% Latino. Clearly they can’t favor a “racist” Voter ID program?

If we believe what we hear from Deval Patrick, Barack Obama and the Democrat Party, Lawrence’s reps are having secret Klan meetings in the basement of the State House complete with white hoods, plotting the destruction of Blacks, Whites, and Jews.

Sounds absurd doesn’t it?

We believe that the propaganda being put forth by the Democrat party leadership and the “news” media to slander anyone who supports Voter ID, has now been debunked.

The tired old excuses about racism and non-existent voter fraud have been proven to be lies time and time again in the City of Lawrence where voter fraud has been rampant for decades.

And Lawrence’s reps know it.

Guess who else supports Voter ID?

Newly elected Mayor Dan Rivera (a Latino) told WCAP’s Paying Attention radio audience before the election:

“I think we definitely need Voter ID, it’s for everybody. And if there is an elderly person who doesn’t drive we have to find a way to help that person vote. There’s no reason [why we can’t]. I mean we put a person on the moon. We have phones that you can use without wires. We can figure out a way so that we can know who’s voting and this is a process we can all feel good about.”

Is Lawrence’s Mayor-elect Dan Rivera a “racist” against Latinos for supporting Voter ID? We think not.

The fact is, those who oppose Voter ID are lying purely to protect themselves and their candidates who benefit from voter fraud.

There is no doubt in our mind that if illegal aliens or those committing voter fraud were all voting Republican, the Democrat party leadership, Hollywood and the so called “news” media would be spreading an entirely different kind of propaganda.

If that was the case, we would all be getting a daily dose of anti-Latino, anti “immigrant” rantings from Jon Stewart on the Daily Show (where most low information voters get their news), the so called “news” media, and the Democrat Party Leadership.

We applaud Lawrence’s State Representatives DiZoglio, Devers, and Moran, and Lawrence Mayor-elect Dan Rivera for supporting Voter ID.

Clearly, these four Democrats have proven with their very behavior that their own party leadership is full of baloney when it comes to their propaganda against ensuring the integrity of our election system.

Thank you Marcos Devers, Diana DiZoglio, Frank Moran and Dan Rivera for standing up against your own party’s lies and doing what is best for Lawrence and for our country.

If only more Democrats had that kind of courage years ago, our election system would be more secure and perhaps, current Mayor Willie Lantigua never would have become mayor in the first place.



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4 Responses to “Racist” Valley Democrats Support Voter ID – Valley Patriot Editorial December 2013

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  2. Chris Vreeland Reply

    December 18, 2013 at 12:51 PM

    Surely you are not so simple-minded as to believe that racism is the province of one particular skin color. Then again, the article would appear to imply exactly that.

    You haven’t “disproven” anything by finding some non-white elected officials who support a particular voter ID law.

    I know nothing about how “rampant” vote fraud may, or may not, be in your area but I take the Republican party leadership at their word when they claim that voter id laws are aimed at depressing the vote in areas largely perceived to vote Democratic. The videos of a variety of Republican party leaders discussing voter id laws and the impact on the “black vote” and “latino vote” speak for themselves.

  3. Victor M. Rodriguez Reply

    December 19, 2013 at 10:31 AM

    Your opinion “analysis” does not include any sober presentation of facts about voter fraud, just uses a few confused politicians who think this will make them “amisntream” mainstream to right wing Republican party? Unfortunately, in the concentration camps there were fellow travelers acting as guards….

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