Sal Lupoli’s Newest Venture,, Revolutionizing How You Cater Events



Christine Marcus and Sal Lupoli of Sal’s Pizza with their new Venture:

Phoodeez, a Boston-based online food delivery company being marketed to college students and businesses, launched their website this past week. The site is specifically designed to make it easier for students and business professionals to order catered food for their events.

“For years it always struck us as kind of surprising that there wasn’t really a definitive catering site – a place where you could go to see who was the best, who showed up on time, and how the service was” said Christine Marcus, a former U.S. Department of Energy official and Phoodeez CEO. “Catering was always kind of a shot in the dark. Order from a restaurant – don’t consider how much is coming and hope for the best. We felt that something like that should be a lot easier.”

The idea to launch Phoodeez came when Marcus and business partner Salvatore Lupoli attended club meetings and conferences while studying for their MBA’s at MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

“We’d go to these events and whoever was running them would order just piles of food,” described Lupoli. “Then you’d see half of it get thrown away. It was just such a waste – and not just the food. Just think of the guy paying for it. It really hit us then that this could be something that could strike a chord, so we seized the opportunity.”

Lupoli is no stranger to the food service industry having founded the popular Sal’s Pizza and Salvatore’s Italian Restaurants – with nearly 50 locations throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He feels his experience will come in handy helping Phoodeez carve out its piece of the pie in the local Boston market. Lupoli, Co-founder of Phoodeez, will serve as the Chairman of the Board.

“When it comes to doing anything in the food industry, focus and being where your customers are at is what makes you or breaks you,” Lupoli explained. “Even if it’s an old cliché, they always say ‘think big, act small’. That’s what we’re doing here.”

And thinking big they are. This past week, Phoodeez launched their new website, which offers a variety of new features for their customers and offers a uniquely simple online experience for their customers.

“The site reflects the business,” said Lupoli. “Everything we do is based on making it easy to order catered food. It’s easy to navigate, there’s no guess work about where you need to go or what you need to do. All the restaurants we do business with are right there and packages and quantities clearly listed.”

While more focused on catering than other online ordering sites like Foodler and Seamless, takes their experience a step further, offering full-blown account management for it’s customers.

“The great thing about the new site is that you can literally manage just about anything you’d want to with regards catering your own events,” explained Marcus. “From keeping tabs on your spending to assembling the right sized packages so you don’t waste money– everything is there. Especially for companies and organizations that spend a lot on catering, we think this will be a boon.”

Despite being centered on offering a new and unique service to their customers, the company keeps itself grounded in traditional, timeless business values.

“We’re doing a lot of new things with this company, but we’ve been building it the old-fashioned way,” he emphasized. “Offering a great product, offering great service and reasonable prices. Work smart, do what you say you can do, and people will buy.”

Also unique to Phoodeez has been it’s fiercely local focus. Phoodeez is working exclusively with restaurants in the local Boston market – selecting them not only on the quality of their food and service, but on sustainability as well.

“We’re looking to be very selective about who we do business with,” said Marcus. “We’re looking to do business with people who are prepared for what’s coming tomorrow, that includes not using wasteful materials.”

The company’s local focus has been reinforced even more by their aggressive philanthropy in the community. For every order placed with Phoodeez, the company gives back a percentage of their profit to a local charity, non-profit or organization.

“We’ve been giving back from day-1,” emphasized Marcus. “It wasn’t something we decided to do when we had enough cash stacked up in the back. We think if you’re going to be about something, you really need to execute and deeply engrain that in your company culture. We feel we’ve done that.”

Currently Phoodeez conducts most to all of its business online, but has office space at MIT’s Beehive Coopertive and Harvard’s Innovation Lab.

About Phoodeez

Phoodeez is a Boston-based catering company that helps college students, administrators and business professionals cater events easily. We partner with local restaurants to introduce and expose people to incredible dining experiences right in their own back yard. We do this by offering a unique, innovative online ordering system designed to make it easier for the customer to order food for their events.

For more information visit our website at or give us a call at (877) 764-3560.

Tom Duggan

Tom Duggan

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