Trump and the Religion of Progressivism

By Paul Murano – June, 2017

President Trump has withdrawn from the Paris climate agreement, asserting “I was elected to serve Pittsburgh, not Paris.” One can judge for themselves whether or not it was a good move, but no one could have been surprised. Trump continues to make good on campaign promises to nullify what he considers to be bad deals and to “put America first”.

In withdrawing from this agreement, President Trump demonstrated he is ‘Pro-choice’ on climate change regulation. The reaction from the Left was as predictable as when he announced he is ‘Pro-life’ on child-killing.

I have been an ecologist/environmentalist since before it was cool. The modern movement to dominate nature rather than to live in harmony with it is an attitude Bouncy castle for sale everyone ought to resist. However, the quality of hysteria trumpeting through the media about this Paris accord illustrates this is more than a concern for our environment to the “progressive” Left. It is a religion. Trump didn’t just opt out of a treaty, he blasphemed a world religion.

When I say a ‘world religion,’ I mean a religion whose god is the world. It is unsurprising that when ethical monotheism of Judaism and Christianity is rejected, which brought to the world equality and respect for the dignity of the human person, a reversion back to pantheism would be in order. Pantheism, very popular in ancient times and still so in India and the Far East, believes all things are god. There is no distinction between Creator and creation. This means the earth is god, and we, as intelligent parts of the earth, are our own gods who create our own reality and morality according to our liking.

There is no objective meaning or purpose to life in the religion of the Left other than what we, the arbiters of truth, give it. So a “politically correct” language is created, acceptable to the high priests of the media and academia, to shape this religion’s “reality” and support its trifold ethic: Be ‘nice;’ pretend there is no evil; and permit every behavior as long as there are consenting adults. If someone wakes up one day declaring they’re the opposite sex, it is so. If some people declare sodomitic relationships as natural, we must accept this. If they decide each pregnant woman gets to defy science and define their child as a child whenever she wants, so be it. This temporary world is their heaven, various sexual perversions are their sacraments, and the central sacrifice of their faith is the 1.2 million preborn children slaughtered each year in the U.S. to the god of self. Human sacrifice was the norm with most pantheistic religions, and secular progressivism is no different.
In this religion of the Left that sees the earth as sacred, the great commandment has been changed from ‘Love God and love your neighbor’ to ‘Love self and tolerate your neighbor.’ Its chief moral precept to tolerate everyone and judge no behavior (contrary to the Christian love the sinner and hate the sin) is a living irony, since there is nothing but intolerance for believing Christians and condemnation for all who disagree with their moral doctrine of radical autonomy and moral license.

If non-adherents of this religion of the Left do not conform and do not pretend that killing innocent children in the womb is okay, that a man who feels like a woman is a “she”, that homosexual behavior is natural, or that marriage and family are whatever we decide – if anyone dares to challenge these or other sacred tenets of this religion of progressivism that desperately seeks to replace Christianity in the world – there is certain punishment.

This movement that has hijacked the media and academia right under our noses has grown to become one of the world’s major religions. It is the post-Christian version of ancient paganism. This new paganism, however, does not have a childlike openness to truth like the ancient pantheists, but is stubbornly closed like a tired grumpy old man with dementia. The Left has lost its grasp of reality and its will to live, judging from the rapid depopulation crisis in post-Christian societies.

Yes, President Trump is ‘Pro-choice’ on climate change and ‘Pro-life’ on child-killing. The Progressive Left is the opposite. It has no problem killing babies while trying to save the planet, because, after all, we humans are the problem. The president is experiencing firsthand the wrath of this religion of intolerance to any dissent from “unenlightened” infidels.

Paul Murano

Paul Murano

Paul is the host of Beneath the Surface video and radio podcasts, he teaches college philosophy and theology, is a staff writer/producer for Church Militant, as well as a singer-songwriter-musician. Check out his YouTube page or his personal website at E-mail Paul at

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3 Responses to Trump and the Religion of Progressivism

  1. Peter Whitaker Reply

    July 14, 2017 at 1:43 AM

    Hello, I am a Pantheist. I do not live in the ancient times or India or the Far East, and I do not practice human sacrifice. In fact this is the first time I have ever read any reference to such a practice being associated with people who hold pantheistic beliefs, can you reference it for me please?

  2. Jay Morin Reply

    August 21, 2021 at 2:49 PM

    Trump pulling out of this agreement was the stupidest thing ever! Of course the VP was OK with it, *idtiots*. You cannot fix stupid when a publication is BIASED!! Trump is and will always be an IDIOT! No clue why the Valley Patriot backed him (unless there was some mental defects going on).

    • Tom Duggan

      Tom Duggan Reply

      August 27, 2021 at 1:52 PM

      Poor Jay. Nobody ever taught you the difference between a COLUMN (an opinion piece by definition) and an ARTICLE (a news piece with no opinion).
      THIS is a COLUMN.
      lol Your position is that because we publish opinion columns we are a “bias publication”
      Seriously, I know you are an angry man but you should focus your inner rage on objections that are real.

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