Lawrence City Council Circus Delays NECCO Expansion Plan

    By: Tom Duggan – June, 2006 It was the usual circus at last nights meeting of the Lawrence City Council’s Housing Committee as Councilor Nilka Alvarez, (who is supposed to chair the meeting), completely lost control, allowing the meeting to degenerate into name calling, accusations of racism, a spate of misinformation, and a […]

Heroes in our Midst – Christian Farnham, Captain Daniel Leary, Specialist Philip Brooks of North Andover

By: Tom Duggan – June, 2006 *Specialist Christian Farnha Spc. Christian Farnham began his military career in 1992 when he decided to follow the family tradition of enlisting in the Marines. His father and brother both served in the Marine Corps. Farnham said it was very important to him that he follow in their footsteps […]

Some Hilights and Lowlights of the Flood

PAYING ATTENTION! WITH TOM DUGGAN By: Tom Duggan – June, 2006  Every year people who work for “non profit” organizations like Lawrence Community Works make their fortunes crowding into Lawrence’s council chambers, whining about how badly “they” need more of your tax dollars to build and secure housing for the “poor” people of Lawrence.  Yet, […]

So, You Say You Support the Troops?

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL  June, 2006 The al Quaida network and the enemies of the United States (as well as their willing dupes in the American news media) are working overtime, trying to turn the Iraqi and American people against our brave and dedicated soldiers serving in Iraq.  This psychological warfare is specifically designed to paint […]

National Red Cross Caught Red Handed Trying to Throw Flood Victims into the Streets

National Red Cross Caught Red Handed Trying to Throw Flood Victims into the Streets

RED CROSS NIGHTMARE Winner of the New England Press Association Award for General News Excellence Tom Duggan -June, 2006 Flood victims from Lawrence, North Andover and Methuen who were staying at the Red Cross shelter in Methuen during the immediate aftermath of last month’s flood say that they were treated so badly by the National […]