Methuen Teen Being Held on Terrorism Charges Becomes Free Speech Poster Boy

Methuen Teen Being Held on Terrorism Charges Becomes Free Speech Poster Boy

By: Tom Duggan – May 22, 2013 First Amendment advocates and free speech organizations have taken notice of Methuen High School student Cameron D’Ambrosio, who is being held pending a $1M bail for what Methuen Police and the Essex County District Attorney’s office say are threats of “terrorism.” On May 1st, Methuen Police Chief Joe Solomon […]

MORALITY MATTERS – The Newest Hero in the Dictatorship of Relativism

By: Paul Murano – May 2013 You know the drill, someone of social importance comes out as “gay” and the media talking heads fall over each other deifying him. Among the herds vying for the politically correct tolerance award regarding NBA’s Jason Collins this week, public praise came from none other than Oprah, Bill Clinton, […]

Rep. DiZoglio’s Campaign Finance Proposal Gets Early Hearing

    BOSTON – State Representative Diana Dizoglio (D) Methuen, got a hearing on her Campaign finance bill last week and is fighting hard to hold accountable those elected officials and candidates for office who refuse to follow file their campaign finance reports.  DiZoglio’s bill, House Bill 573, was addressed last Wednesday at a public […]

Free Breakfasts: Another Destructive Progressive Idea

Free Breakfasts: Another Destructive Progressive Idea

  By: Dennis Prager, May 07, 2013 The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) announced last week that it will discontinue the free school breakfast plan it initiated last year. Called “Food for Thought,” the plan provides school breakfasts to about 200,000 students. It was funded by the LAUSD and the nonprofit Los Angeles Fund […]

Once Moderate on Taxes, Campbell Now Sticks it to State Tax Payers

  By D.J. Deeb – May, 2013 After 10 hours of debate on the evening of Monday, April 8, 2013, the Massachusetts State House of Representatives voted 97-55 to increase the current 21-cent-per-gallon state gas tax by 3-cents to 24-cents-per-gallon in 2015 and further indexing it to inflation each year following resulting in further gas […]

New School Math: Spend $4M to Save $40k? Article 19 North Andover Town Meeting Vote Expected May 21

By: Clare Donegan NORTH ANDOVER: Town Meeting voters are considering a $4M expenditure involving 16 municipal buildings, including 8 schools. If the contract is awarded to AMERESCO the $40k study will be “free.”  Forty percent is allocated for “new energy management systems” that communicate using wireless microwave radiation. Why install expensive infrastructure, which increases security […]

GLCAC’s Head Start Wins Award for STEM Curriculum

The GLCAC’s Head Start program recently won recognition for its innovation and leadership in teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics to preschoolers. In a ceremony attended by Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua, Lawrence Superintendent of Schools Jeffrey Riley, parents and GLCAC staff, three prize-winning teachers were honored for using bridges and statues to help preschoolers learn […]

Muslim Terrorism Hits Boston

  By: Jeff Katz – May, 2013 Just in case anyone needed a reminder that we are still a nation at war, they should have gotten that message loud and clear on Patriot’s Day 2013. On April 15, two bombs were deployed which rocked the finish line of the venerable Boston Marathon. What followed these […]

EDITORIAL: The Fleecing of Taxpayers – Ultimate Power, No Transparency, No Outrage in Lawrence

EDITORIAL: The Fleecing of Taxpayers – Ultimate Power, No Transparency, No Outrage in Lawrence

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL MAY, 2013   The corruption and the fleecing of the state taxpayers by Lawrence officials is staggering, and we believe the biggest scandal going on in the state. Yet the media and elected “leaders” on Beacon Hill continually look the other way. At issue: Jeff Riley is the state appointed receiver in […]