Proposed Tewksbury Casino Good For Methuen, Merrimack Valley

The Tewksbury Board of Selectmen voted unanimously on July 18 to move forward a process that will let Tewksbury residents vote on whether or not to allow a Casino in their town. Tewksbury Selectmen should be commended for making the right decision in moving this proposal forward despite opposition from some powerful anti-casino interests. Although […]

Anyone But Mayor Willie Lantigua

By: Peter Larocque – August, 2013 When I get into discussions concerning the election for Mayor in The Great City of Lawrence, far too many times I hear, “anybody but Willie!” Unfortunately, “anybody but Willie” will not be on the ballot. “Anybody but Willie” is not a candidate! Yes, I understand the frustration among the […]

The Paying Attention! Radio Program with Tom Duggan, August 17, 2013

LISTEN TO HOUR ONE (RIGHT CLICK TO DOWNLOAD) LISTEN TO HOUR TWO (RIGHT CLICK TO DOWNLOAD) LISTEN TO HOUR THREE (RIGHT CLICK TO DOWNLOAD) Today Tom and Paul talked about Forgeries on Mayor Lantigua’s nomination papers, Tom interviewed Mayoral Candidate Marcos Devers and asked him about Lantigua’s failures, corruption and shenanigans and why he should […]

Adventures in Lawrence Election Fraud

By: Kathy Runge – August, 2013 Anyone familiar with the city of Lawrence is aware of the lax record keeping and controls in various city departments, i.e. city garages and Inspectional Services to name two. Does anyone believe it’s any better in the Elections Department? Let me share my findings. I’ve been writing programs to […]

Devers Says Lantigua an Embarassment, Promises to Reopen Fire Stations, Change Lawrence’s Image

By: Tom Duggan – August 13, 2013 State Representative Marcos Devers says he wants to be the next mayor of Lawrence and given the chance, will start to reverse what says are the “failures” of the current Mayor Willie Lantigua. “I am running against him because we are disappointed, everybody is disappointed,” Devers told the […]

An Inside Look From State Rep. Diana DiZoglio

By: State Rep. Diana Dizoglio If there is one thing that I have learned during my first term representing you on Beacon Hill, it’s that things don’t always appear as they seem and that the legislative process can be a real head scratcher. Witness recently when Governor Deval Patrick vetoed a transportation bill that significantly […]

They’ve Done It Again!

By: Jeff Katz – July, 2013 If you felt a little extra tug on your wallet recently that’s because our Beacon Hill payroll patriots decided that you just were not doing your part. It seems that you were not paying your fair share, so the profiles in courage who sit in our General Court decreed […]

Detroit, USA: A Monument to Democrat Policies

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX By: Dr. Chuck Ormsby – July 2013 Detroit has imploded. Like the giant oak whose innards were consumed by thousands of termites, Detroit has finally collapsed. Its productive core can no longer support its own weight. The Democrat Party and its allies in big-government unions should be congratulated. Their criminal thievery, […]

Drugs A Big Priority: Jajuga Says He Will Bring Different Kind of Leadership To Methuen Council

Drugs A Big Priority: Jajuga Says He Will Bring Different Kind of Leadership To Methuen Council

By: Tom Duggan – August 7, 2013                 OTHER METHUEN STORIES Former State Senator James Jajuga is running for Methuen City Council At Large (city wide). Jajuga is a Vietnam Era Veteran, was a member of the Massachusetts State Police, is former Public Safety Commissioner and is the former […]

Crowdfunding For Cash

Crowdfunding For Cash

 Babies and Briefcases By: Cheryl Hajjar – August, 2013 Unless you have been living in a landfill or still have an analog TV in your home, you have heard of the term “crowdfunding” or stories of people raising thousands of dollars for their businesses or projects online. So what is this new rage and how […]

Parole Officers who Freed Cop Killer Reinstated: Valley Patriot August, 2013 Editorial

Parole Officers who Freed Cop Killer Reinstated: Valley Patriot August, 2013 Editorial

Valley Patriot August ’13 Editorial It’s simply sickening. An arbitrator has reinstated two of the parole officials responsible for the release of cop killer Dominic Cinelli. At this point we believe everyone who contributed to the release of Cinelli should be purged from the public payrolls. If that can’t be done these individuals need to […]

What We Are Doing About the Drugs in Methuen

 OTHER METHUEN STORIES By: Methuen Police Chief Joe Solomon August 5, 2013 In light of the recent news stories surrounding the increase of heroin use in the Merrimack Valley, (which is a continuation of The Valley Patriot’s ongoing coverage of drugs in Methuen), Chief Solomon wanted to communicate to residents and business owners the efforts […]