The Merrimack Valley Sandbox -Creating a Path For Entrepreneurs

 By: Cheryl Hajjar – December, 2013 As the Yuletide spirit is among us, and the frenzy of holiday shopping has begun, 17 budding entrepreneurs from the Merrimack Valley are preparing to participate in a 12 week program called the 2014 Winter Accelerator Program. Hosted by The Merrimack Valley Sandbox, this is their third program since […]

Greater Boston Tea Party President Steps Down, New President, Officers Elected

Morabito Looks Back at Two Years of Fighting the Status-Quo, Internal Friction, Media Bias By: Tom Duggan – January 1, 2013 After two years leading the Greater Boston Tea Party (GBTP), Christine Morabito says she is stepping down from her post, paving the way for Patrick Humphries to be elected president of the anti-tax group. […]

Support for Common Core’s Fuzzy Math Doesn’t Add Up

By: Sandra Stotsky – December, 2013 Unless high school students can prepare for a calculus course in grade 12 or as college freshmen, they are unlikely to become science, engineering, or mathematics majors. Common Core doesn’t let them. James Milgram’s analysis in Lowering the Bar makes that very clear. Interestingly, Jason Zimba, the lead writer […]

New Hampshire School Choice Scholarship Act: Good for Students and Parents

By: DJ Bettencourt – December, 2013 The vast majority of Granite Staters know from experience that New Hampshire public schools offer an outstanding education for most students. But while many flourish in their assigned school, some students need a different educational environment. Every child learns differently, and all children hold within themselves their own particular […]

Now the Real Healing Begins!

Now the Real Healing Begins!

By: Peter Larocque – December 2013 Almost four years ago at the inauguration and installation of Mayor William Lantigua which had the atmosphere of a coronation of a king, the posture and disposition of his administration was unveiled. Then, State Representative Lantigua entered the auditorium from the back and walked through the crowd of loyal […]