All The Lies The “News Media” Told You About Trump – VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL (June, 2017)

How CNN Proved Every Day that They Are Fake News 

With all that talk about “fake news” these days it’s hard to know what to believe anymore. So many news outlets have abandoned the idea that journalists are to report facts objectively, free of political propaganda and personal opinions.

Today, reporters do not report, they repeat. No longer do they go out and get primary sources that can be verified before “reporting” a story. Today, they simply take reports from other news outlets and repeat it in front of a camera as though they have researched the information and can say for sure that it’s real. That’s in between lecturing us on their political views during “news” reports and peppering every report with subjective political language.

Whether Fox or CNN, these “journalists” are mostly actors whose only skill is to look pretty, read a teleprompter, and say what they are told to say, through an earpiece, by producers and political activists in the control room.

It’s a political production.

It’s not news.

Just think about the breathless “reporting” CNN and the other fake media outlets told you in the last year alone.

It’s quite the list.

Not one of these so-called “news” stories turned out to be true. Not one.
Take a look.

Donald Trump declares himself a candidate for … president? He will never really run for president, it’s all a publicity stunt. Nobody is ever going to vote for this guy. (media laughter)

OK he’s running, but he’s not serious and he’s paying people to show up at his rallies.

Well … he’s kind of serious but … CNN sources say he will DEFINITELY drop out of the race before Iowa.

He’s still in the Iowa race? Well, he’s going to come in last in Iowa and then he’s going to drop out.

He made it through Iowa?

He was in third place?

Well … He will NEVER win New Hampshire. Once he loses there, our sources say he is dropping out of the race … and you can take that to the bank.

He won New Hampshire?

Well, that was a fluke, but look, he DEFINITELY can’t ever win South Carolina or the religious South! Look at all the stuff he has done that’s “immoral”. Besides, our polling numbers show everyone hates this guy!

He won the south?!

How the hell did that happen? This is so strange.

BREAKING NEWS! CNN sources say 100% that with Marco Rubio as the sitting senator from Florida, Trump has no chance to win there and all the candidates are going to get behind Rubio before the Florida primary.

How the hell did Trump win Florida?

BREAKING NEWS… CNN polling data shows Donald Trump has no chance of winning California.


BREAKING NEWS… Donald Trump has no chance of winning the actual Republican primary. CNN sources say that all the other candidates are making a deal to get behind one candidate to stop Trump before the convention.

Ok, ok, he won the primary but wait… BREAKING NEWS!

CNN sources now say Trump will have the GOP convention stolen from him by delegates who are going to change their vote at the last minute! Our sources say the new nominee will be … Paul Ryan! (This was a two week story).

That didn’t happen?

It’s OK. Our polling data shows that Hillary will win this election by 30 points anyway. Besides, look how INSANE Trump is! He’s campaigning in Michigan and … Wisconsin?? Like he could ever win there! LMAO… WHAT A TOOL! He has no idea what he’s doing. Look at this guy. He’s out of control!

Trump is finished NOW. There are audio recordings of Trump bragging that he sexually assaults women. Well, he didn’t really say sexually assault, but we are going to report that as fact anyway because we all know he’s going to lose. I mean, he has no chance at all.

Hold on … BREAKING NEWS … there’s no recovering from this one. CNN is reporting that a slew of women are now accusing Donald Trump of forcing himself on them sexually. We all know Trump hates women, Blacks, Muslims, gays, Mexicans (wow he REALLY hates Mexicans), and poor people. He hates the Pope, he threw a baby out of his rally for crying, and he is inciting violence. The election is already over; he is just embarrassing himself at this point.

BREAKING NEWS! With two days left to Election Day, Donald Trump has no path to victory at this point so, tonight we will have several panel discussions to talk about who President Hillary Clinton will pick for her cabinet.

BREAKING… CNN sources say Donald Trump will not accept the results of the election when he loses. Sources in the Trump campaign (code for Hillary Clinton told us) say that after the election Trump will continue his lie that elections can be rigged … he’s such a sore loser. Anyone who questions the integrity of the election is unpatriotic! He will probably blame the Russians, that’s how pathetic he is.

Wait?? he … WON?

That can’t be right!

What if we just refuse to call Florida does he still get those votes?

There will have to be a recount, we know Hillary really won.

CNN BREAKING NEWS … The Electoral College is going to overthrow the election results as CNN sources have learned that electors are changing their votes! Hillary is still going to be president!

SERIOUSLY? … that didn’t happen either? They all voted the way they were supposed to?

BREAKING NEWS! Donald Trump is not a legitimate president. He didn’t win the popular vote.

Trump will never build the wall on the Mexican border, it was all a bluff.

That’s just never going to happen.

Well, OK, he might build a wall but Mexico is NEVER going to pay for it…
Besides …  Trump only won because America is sexist and not ready for a woman president.

Nobody’s buying that?

Well, OK, then let’s blame the FBI Director. It’s James Comey’s fault!

They aren’t buying that either?

What about racism? Hillary only lost because of all the racists who voted for Trump. America is such a racist country.

I KNOW… RUSSIA! YEAH! Russia is the reason Hillary lost. Trump is a secret Russian spy who is going to give the nuclear codes to Vladamir Putin and turn this country over to the Kremlin! AH HA!


And there you have it. For over a year, everything you were told to believe by CNN … all of it … was wrong. Every story was fake. Every narrative designed to manipulate their viewers. Every panel discussion scripted to promote outright lies about what is really happening.

Whether you like President Trump or you hate him, there is no excuse for the despicable behavior exhibited by the “news media” which is entrusted to deliver our news fairly and objectively every day. 

Why would anyone believe one word of what they say now that Trump is president?