Andover Selectman, Vispoli Provides Testimony in Favor of Campaign Transparency

Alex Vispoli
Andover Selectman Alex Vispoli

October, 2013


Andover Selectman Alex Vispoli provided testimony to the Joint Committee on Election Laws last month, in favor of more transparency within campaigns. Earlier this year, Vispoli filed House Bill H3340 that would require more disclosure from campaign committees.

 “The public has the right to know about all expenditures and donations when selecting their leaders. My legislation is all about creating more transparency so voters are fully informed when they go to the polls,” said Vispoli.

Vispoli legislation would require the following reforms:

• Name and address for every donation would have to be disclosed on campaign finance reports. Right now, only large donations are required to be reported.

• Campaigns would have to stand by statements by requiring a ‘paid for by’ line on all printed literature. This information was previously required.

• Campaigns would have to disclose who is paying for a robo call. Federal law requires candidates to state who is sponsoring a robo call. This legislation would bring Massachusetts in line with federal requirements.

• Independent expenditures would be required to disclose in a timelier manner so voters have all relevant information regarding who is funding these campaigns before the election.

• Candidates would only be allowed to expense their campaigns for mileage, not for leasing cars.

“Anonymous literature is not helpful to the electoral process. Voters have a right to know who is funding campaign mailings. Massachusetts used to require the disclosure. It is time to restore the law,” said Vispoli.

“For far too long, the expensing of cars to campaign accounts has been a source of controversy. My reform will end it by only allowing for the reimbursement of mileage. Campaign accounts are not supposed to supplement a lifestyle,” added Vispoli. “It is time to restore trust and we do it by letting the sun into the process.”

Vispoli was first elected to the Andover Board of Selectmen in 2004. On the board, he has led initiatives including: consolidation of Andover’s IT organization and infrastructure, creation of the Andover Economic Development Council, I93 proposed interchange project, reduction in Town owned vehicles, and annual citizens mid-year review for major project updates, regionalization opportunities with surrounding towns.

Vispoli was also elected the Massachusetts Municipal Association (MMA) Board of Directors and the Massachusetts Selectmen’s Association (MSA) Board of Directors in 2011. He is currently the District 2 Representative (Essex and Middlesex Counties) for the MSA.

He is a member of the Governor’s Local Government Advisory Commission.

Professionally, Vispoli has been in the information technology business for 25 years. He currently holds the position of Director of Business Development for a Boston-based technology company.