Bill Filed on Beacon Hill to Strengthen Lawyer Conduct, Sewer Betterments

Joyce and Gracemarie Tomaselli ~ 02-23

On January 20, 2023, Joyce and Gracemarie Tomaselli, petitioned two bills to the state senate. Through years of experiences and research we found that we all seek and deserve the right to justice when relying on the court(s) to render an accurate decision based on honest and true facts given by attorneys.

Act #1) SD 1941 ‘An Act to strengthen rules governing attorney conduct; penalties for misconduct.’

We filed this petition to try to right a wrong in the court system! Even when it has been proven by clear and convincing evidence to the court that the attorney(s) made intentional false statements for the purpose of deceiving the judge(s) and/or they concealed material evidence, the judge[s] in Massachusetts award these attorneys “absolute immunity” when the attorney’s actions are closely related to the judicial process, or the lawyer’s role as an advocate.

Once enacted, this bill will give Massachusetts residents a remedy (that we did not have) for those harmed in the court system by attorneys who lie to judges and conceal documents so they will win.

We petitioned the Senate with the hope that this legislation will help other Massachusetts residents to NOT go through what we have gone through in our quest for justice. “We have lost so very much.”

NO attorney should ever be protected by Absolute Immunity when they have intentionally violated their oath. We truly believe that no one should be above the law!
This legislation is of great public importance to preserve the integrity of the judicial process.

We need your support for this extremely important “Act to strengthen rules governing attorney conduct; penalties for misconduct” because it affects every person in Massachusetts.

Act #2) SD 2069 ‘An Act to provide clarification to Mass General Laws [Ch. 80 Sewer Betterments and Ch. 83 Sewer… Assessments and Sewer User Fees’

This [sewer] Act is of great importance for people who rely on clear language in the State laws regarding constitutional due notice and due process requirements in order for the statutes to be implemented accurately regarding sewer betterment charges, sewer assessments, and just and equitable sewer user fees.

These Acts have been docketed as SD.1941 and SD.2069 until bill numbers are assigned. The legislation can be tracked by the docket number, including information regarding the committee to which it will be eventually assigned to. We will keep you posted.

Speak up – get involved! Contact your Senators and Representatives if you agree that judges should NOT grant “absolute or qualified immunity” to attorneys who are guilty of deceit with the intent to deceive a judge. Attorney deceit undermines the judicial process!