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By: Bill  Cushing

From time to time, my column will feature questions asked by readers regarding the world of TV. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have about TV at, and I’ll do my best to answer you and may feature your question in a future column. Here’s what we got!

Hi Bill, I’m a huge fan of ‘Bosch’ and ‘Bosch: Legacy’ and I heard there was a spinoff to the series coming. Can you give me any details on that? – Kristen from Salisbury, MA

You heard right. There is definitely a spinoff in the works. Maggie Q has been cast as Detective Renee Ballard in Prime Video‘s as yet untitled series about the LAPD’s Cold Case Division. Rumor has it that Titus Welliver will make appearances on the series as Harry Bosch. The character of Ballard has appeared in 6 novels written by Michael Connelly. Q will make her first appearance as Renee Ballard in the Season 3 finale of ‘Bosch: Legacy.’

I’ve been waiting for the new season of ‘Cobra Kai.’ When is it coming back? Is this going to be the final season? – Ben from Salem, NH

Ben, ‘Cobra Kai’ will premiere the first 5 episodes of its final season on July 18, while the second batch of five will premiere on Nov. 28. The final five episodes of the series will premiere in 2025 with an exact date to be announced at a later date. But don’t worry, that’s not the last you will see of this universe. A new ‘Karate Kid’ film starring Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan (who starred in a 2010 Karate Kid film) is currently in production.

Bill, is ‘The Old Man’ coming back for another season or has it been cancelled?
Thanks! – Julie from Andover, MA

Julie, FX’s ‘The Old Man’ starring Jeff Bridges was definitely not cancelled. It was given a second season order in June of 2022, but production was delayed due to the strike. We’re still waiting on a premiere date, but production on season 2 is just about done. Series lead Jeff Bridges said that Season 2 picks up just weeks after the events of season 1, and will be “upping the ante” as his and John Lithgow’s characters go “looking for our daughter — either Angela or Emily, depending on who you’re asking! But we’re traveling all over the world this season,” he said, including to Hong Kong, England and Afghanistan.

It feels like we’ve been waiting a very long time for new episodes of ‘Yellowstone.’ Can you tell me if and when the series is returning? – Andy from Methuen, MA

It has been quite a while since a new episode of ‘Yellowstone’ has aired. The last time that happened was January 1, 2023. At that time, we were told that the second half of the season would air later that summer. However, contract issues between the series star Kevin Costner and producers led to the shows abrupt cancellation, with the announcement that rest of the final season would still air. Then the writers strike happened which delayed things even more. Finally, we have a premiere date. The final batch of ‘Yellowstone’ episodes will premiere on November 10. However, two new spinoffs are in the works, one of which will reportedly star some of the original cast.

That’s all for this mailbag! Keep the questions coming and we’ll see you next time!!

Bill Cushing

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