The Heartbeat of the Valley

  By: Paul Murano – August, 2010 When I moved back home from Tampa in the early 1990’s I gathered together a young adult group from St. Margaret’s in Burlington to share an idea. A crisis pregnancy center was needed in the area. To make a long story short everything fell into place, and from […]

Gay Writers of the Valley

Ye Gay Old Valley   By: Dani Langiven, Lesbian Columnist – August, 2010 I thought I’d step away from my political ranting and introduce you to two members of the valley’s gay community who are also writers. Brian Tessier is a 44-year-old attorney and single father of two adopted boys, aged 4 and 8. Tessier […]

Opposing the Death Penalty

By: Paul Murano The terms capital punishment and decapitate come from the same Latin word for regarding the head. Although the death penalty was often the removal of one’s head, there have been other ways of administering it throughout history. Socrates was poisoned, Stephen was stoned, and Jesus was crucified; representing the Greek, Jewish and […]

My Fellow Talking Animals

  By: Paul Murano – May, 2010 My Fellow Talking Animals . . . I am increasingly confronted with signs that remind me we have crossed the Rubicon, the threshold of sanity, and our only collective hope is a deep conversion of mind and heart. Every semester I take an informal poll in my college […]

We support south Park… Horrified by Comedy Central Censorship

Will our president protect our rights here at home? VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL – MAY, 2010   Last month, Muslim terrorists headquartered in New York City made death threats against the creators of Comedy Central’s cartoon, “South Park”. The threats came in response to an episode where Muslims were made fun of for threatening death upon […]

I was Just Thinking

   By: Paul Murano – April, 2010 …When exactly did the era of the store clerk asking if we want a bag begin? …Don’t we have enough choices in life without having to decide bag or no bag? …Will someone please settle whether tipping should be 15 or 20 percent? …If the new health care […]

Are we out of the Woods yet?

  By: Paul Murano – March, 2010 There have been two opposite reactions in the aftermath of Tiger Woods’ public apology, and each is an inappropriate extreme. One illustrates the fatal flaw of capitalism, the other of secularism. The first was the media blitz we were inundated with for a week, with everyone and his […]

Get your Sex on!

Stay At Home Dads By: Pete Baylies – February, 2010   Another source of tension for at-home dads and their working partners is lack of intimacy. While you may have thought that with the new arrangement there would be less craziness in your lives, it can still be exhausting for both of you. This on […]

The Holidays in North Andover, Massachusetts

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   December, 2009 One of the reasons the entire Valley Patriot editorial board loves living in North Andover is because the town has never bowed down to political correctness. We’d drive by the common during the holidays and enjoy seeing a Jewish menorah and Christmas tree. We also enjoyed passing the “Merry […]

City Approves Sal Lupoli’s $100 Million Retail Development on Merrimack Street

City Approves Sal Lupoli’s $100 Million Retail Development on Merrimack Street

Slated to Bring 2,000 New Jobs to Lawrence   By: Tom Duggan  February 2, 2009  The Lawrence Historical Commission voted Tuesday evening to approve the demolition of two buildings on Merrimack Street in Lawrence owned by Sal Lupol of Salvatore’s Restaurant, at Sal’s Riverwalk Properties, making way for a multi-million dollar development at the site […]