Waste, Overruns & Mismanagement

By: Paula Porten & Tom Duggan – December 2004  For the last two years, residents of Lawrence have been calling the construction of a $110 million high school “The Big Dig of Lawrence,” because of its price tag. For months, School Committeeman Amy McGovern and Superintendent Wilfredo Laboy have been questioning the quality of work […]


By Tom Duggan – November – 2004 President Bush won a clear victory on Election Day with 51% of the popular vote.  He received over 59 million votes, with 3.5 million more than Senator John Kerry. He also received more votes than any other president in America’s history. The American voters have clearly spoken and […]

MA Rep. Barbara L’Italien’s Attack on the Catholic Church

PAYING ATTENTION WITH TOM DUGGAN     Tom Duggan – November, 2004  Massachusetts State Representative Barbara L’Italien should be ashamed of herself. She has not only taken a public stand against two of the Catholic Church’s teachings, abortion and gay marriage, (she favors both) the liberal legislator was seen on election day verbally attacking and […]

It’s Just a News Story!! – PAYING ATTENTION WITH TOM DUGGAN, October, 2004

It’s Just a News Story!! – PAYING ATTENTION WITH TOM DUGGAN, October, 2004

Hey People! It’s Just A News Story! October, 2004 Last month The Valley Patriot ran a front page news story about Brooks School Summer Camp in North Andover conducting mock marriage ceremonies between same-sex kids (some as young as five years old). Some people were clearly offended and outraged by the headline, “Brooks Marries Same […]

Thinking Outside the Box! – Mother, May I

By: Dr. Chuck Ormsby – September, 2004  The following is an exchange between John Stossel and Gilbert Casellas, the chairman of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, on the topic of the Americans with Disabilities Act during a 1996 interview on ABC’s 20/20: Casellas: “The law’s fairly clear, it’s fairly simple.” Stossel: “If you come […]

Brooks School Summer Camp Conducts Mock Marriage Ceremonies with Same Sex Children

  By: Tom Duggan – September 2004 NORTH ANDOVER – Children attending the Brooks School summer camp this year were encouraged to get “married” during carnival day where a mock marriage booth was set up for children to “marry” each other. According to several children who attended the day camp and two sets of parents […]

Lawrence School Committee Bills Taxpayers for Fine Dining

Tom Duggan 03-08-04 For the past three years members of the Lawrence School Committee have been billing the taxpayers for plush dining at the city’s most expensive restaurant: One Mill Street. Then School Committeemen Noah Shannon, Pedro Arce, Suzanne Piscitello, Nancy Kennedy and current member George Gonzalez all dined with Superintendent Wilfredo Laboy and his […]

North Andover High School on Warning of Losing Accreditation

North Andover High School on Warning of Losing Accreditation

  By: Tom Duggan – February, 2004 North Andover Superintendent Harry Harutunian informed the School Committee and the public that North Andover High School has been put on warning of losing its accreditation by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). But, Harutunian said that the NEASC report was faulty because it was based […]

Blanchette Chosen as Council President Frechette elected Vice President in Lawrence

Vote Latino Campaign still Sore Spot with Some   By: Tom Duggan – January 2, 2004 Lawrence – District “A” (Prospect Hill) Councilor Patrick Blanchette was elected president of the Lawrence City Council Friday night after the swearing in of all new city officials. Blanchette faced opposition from Carlos Matos, a newcomer, who was nominated […]

How to Debunk a Socialist with a Few Easy Questions … Or … What I learned at Bread and Roses

How to Debunk a Socialist with a Few Easy Questions … Or … What I learned at Bread and Roses

Originally published on Tommyduggan.com, 09/09/03 Socialists, Communists, Marxists and other liberty hating ideologues were out in full force at Lawrence’s Bread and Roses festival again this year. It is a festival rooted in celebrating the formation of unions in Lawrence and is usually hijacked by political groups with very unrealistic ideas. This is a real […]

Council to Hear from Public on Voter ID

Council to Hear from Public on Voter ID

  By: Tom Duggan (originally published on tommyduggan.com 05/19/03) The Lawrence City Council will hold a public hearing Tuesday night on a proposal to require all Lawrence residents to show photo identification before they vote … just as Lawrence residents who are Dominican citizens must show n ID when they vote in Lawrence for the […]

Slight of Hand With Taxpayer’s Property: Exactly Where Are Those City Computers Going?

PAYING ATTENTION! WITH TOM DUGGAN Originally published on tommyduggan.com (3-3-02)      Before there was a Valley Patriot (established in 2004) there was tommyduggan.com, a blog before there were blogs, a news webpage before there were news webpages. Long before there was an Eagle Tribune web page or a boston.com there was a tommyduggan.com. Valley Patriot […]

Lawrence Attorney, Anthony DiFrucia Accused of False Advertisement

  Originally Published 01/22/01 on tommyduggan.com and Rumbo newspaper Lawrence Lawyer and Windham, New Hampshire State Representative, Anthony R. DiFruscia, took out an ad profiling his law firm in the Andover Townsman. The advertisement listed the names and expertise of three lawyers, Paula Porten, Michelle Barret, and Dolores Campbell as his employees. Attorneys often tote […]

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