What the Numbers Really Mean

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   October, 2005 Last month, the City of Lawrence held a preliminary municipal election for mayor, school committee and city council. Less than 20% of the 32,000 registered voters bothered to participate. With more than 70,000 people living in the city of Lawrence that means less than 9% of the population bothered […]

Devers: I would Fire Laboy! Superintendent Wilfredo Laboy Under Fire

By: Tom Duggan – September 2005   LAWRENCE – Lawrence School Superintendent Wilfredo Laboy is increasingly coming under fire by candidates for both mayor and school committee, as the city elections in November draw near. Embroiled in public scandal over the alleged assault on School Committeeman Amy McGovern, Laboy has become the subject of controversy […]

State Rep. Willie Lantigua’s True Color: GREEN!

State Rep. Willie Lantigua’s True Color: GREEN!

  June, 2005 Lawrence State Representative Willie Lantigua has betrayed the Latino people of Lawrence. He has been playing a dangerous game of race baiting and making racial slurs for far too long, and it is about time someone called him to task for his shenanigans. Lantigua has deliberately misinformed his Dominican constituency about Licensing […]

Are North Andover Officials Out of Touch with the Citizens

  Ted Tripp, North Andover Taxpayers Association – April, 2005   That’s a fair question to ask.  Just as recently as three years ago, North Andover voters showed up in huge numbers to overwhelmingly reject a $4 million tax increase by means of a Proposition 2 ½ Override. The School Committee, the Finance Committee and […]

Haverhill’s Future

By: Jim Rurak, Former Mayor of Haverhill January, 2005  Haverhill’s history seesaws between big plans to promote its urban economy and extaordinary commitments to preserve its rural assets.  Unlike Lowell and Lawrence whose land area is completely built up, Haverhill’s urban core makes up only a fraction of its total area. The rest is made up of […]

MA Rep. Barbara L’Italien’s Attack on the Catholic Church

PAYING ATTENTION WITH TOM DUGGAN     Tom Duggan – November, 2004  Massachusetts State Representative Barbara L’Italien should be ashamed of herself. She has not only taken a public stand against two of the Catholic Church’s teachings, abortion and gay marriage, (she favors both) the liberal legislator was seen on election day verbally attacking and […]

MA Lt. Gov. Healey Calls for Senator Kerry to Resign While Running for President

  Tom Duggan – 2004 WAKEFIELD – Lt. Governor Kerry Murphy Healey called for the resignation of Senator John Kerry yesterday before a packed room of Republican supporters at the Sheraton in Wakefield. Introducing former EPA Secretary (and former New Jersey Governor) Christie Todd Whitman to the group of GOP loyalists, Healey said that Kerry […]

Outgoing President, Devers Says Council Drove Last Two Years

Outgoing President, Devers Says Council Drove Last Two Years

(on Loan from Tom Duggan’s Private Archive)   Text of Marcos Devers’ Speech 01/02/2004  Good evening:  Mr. Mayor, City Councilors, current and past authorities, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight we are saying farewell to two years of great achievements performed by the City Council that served during the term 2002-2004. Councilors Alvarez-Rodriguez, Blanchette, Dimarca, Frechette, Gosselin, Kolofoles, […]

Blanchette Chosen as Council President Frechette elected Vice President in Lawrence

Vote Latino Campaign still Sore Spot with Some   By: Tom Duggan – January 2, 2004 Lawrence – District “A” (Prospect Hill) Councilor Patrick Blanchette was elected president of the Lawrence City Council Friday night after the swearing in of all new city officials. Blanchette faced opposition from Carlos Matos, a newcomer, who was nominated […]

Devers Opts Out of Lawrence Council Presidency

  By: Tom Duggan – December 3, 2003 (originally published on tommyduggan.com) LAWRENCE – After two successful years of reforming the City Council presidency and reshaping the decorum at Council meetings, Lawrence City Council President, Marcos Devers says he is taking himself out of the running for the spot in January and stepping aside “to […]

Move Afoot to Unseat Devers As Lawrence Council President

  By: Tom Duggan  –  November 18, 2003 (on Loan from Tom Duggan’s Private Records – Published originally on tommyduggan.com) According to some current and soon-to-be City Councilors there is a move afoot to replace Council President, Marcos Devers in January with Council Vice-President Patrick Blanchette. Some on the Council have complained that President Devers created […]