Hope and Change

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL NOVEMBER, 2010   Election night 2010 was stunning for many here in Massachusetts, but the results were not always what we hoped for. Many of us worked hard on campaigns, taking time away from families and jobs to help elect our favorite candidates. When the candidates we worked for were defeated, it […]

Faggan, L’Italien, Pelosi Dumped Ding, Dong, the Worst are Gone!

GEORGETOWN TODAY By: Lawrence “Lonnie” Brennan – November, 2010 Locally and nationally, ultra-liberal, ultra-taxing, ultra-arrogant and entrenched politicians got slapped in the face and kicked to the curb. It’s about time. James Faggan was that notorious ‘rep’ who argued against protecting children, even going so far as to let us all know he would make […]

Vote YOUR Values This November

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX By: Dr. Charles Ormsby – October, 2010 Do you believe in personal responsibility, or do you want to be oppressively taxed to permit others to escape the consequences of their irresponsibility? Do you struggle to balance your family’s budget and try to save for the future while you see your taxes […]

Time to Raise the Taxes

  By: Lawrence, Lonnie Brennan – April, 2010 It’s spring, and that means it’s time to raise the taxes on local residents and homeowners! Yippee! Let’s take a quick review of just how fun and easy it is to raise taxes in any city or town, and especially in the quaint hamlet of Georgetown. First […]

‘Heroes always … celebrating an anniversary’

GEORGETOWN TODAY By: Lonnie Brennan – March, 2010 Over the past years I’ve had the privilege to contribute a few words and reflect on a few thoughts regarding our fine communities; some positive observations, some less than desirable. Nothing has been more of an honor than meeting and listening to the many Valley Patriot Heroes […]

‘Anyone But Deval’ – A year in Review

  By: Lawrence, “Lonnie” Brennan – January, 2010 They say that every path has a few puddles, and for many, 2009 was a washout. The year began with Gov. Deval ‘Together-We-Can’ Patrick’s foot pushed flat against the spending pedal.  Fresh off another round of finding taxpayer funded jobs for his friends and neighbors, the ‘Gov.’ […]

Did Georgetown Club Owner Swindle $357K

Did Georgetown Club Owner Swindle $357K

By: Lonnie Brennan, Georgetown Selectman   A trial is now being heard in Essex Superior Court in Lawrence against Georgetown Country Club owner Peter Wojtkun, who is facing several counts of fraud, misleading, deceptive and coercive business practices, and physical assault according to court documents obtained by The Valley Patriot. The complaint was filed by […]

Hero in Our Midst – Arthur Rauseo of Georgetown – Valley Patriot of the Month

Hero in Our Midst – Arthur Rauseo of Georgetown – Valley Patriot of the Month

By: Lonnie Brennan -December, 2007 GEORGETOWN – Quietly, peacefully, a former naval seaman makes his way to a local coffee shop. He takes his seat on a short stool at a curved counter, smiles to a familiar server, shares quips and views on the past day’s events and the morning papers. As he sips his […]

Hero in Our Midst – Capt.Terrance Hart U.S. Coast Guard – Valley Patriot of the Month

By: Ted Tripp – October, 2006 GEORGETOWN – Late on the night of December 26, 1970, in stormy seas 600 miles off Cape May, New Jersey, the aging 540-foot Finnish tanker Ragny broke in half without warning. An SOS went out and was relayed to the Coast Guard station in New York which immediately initiated […]

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