VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   April, 2006 Last week a few hundred illegal aliens and their collaborators held an illegal protest on the streets of Lawrence. What exactly were they protesting? They were protesting America’s laws, which requires that they go through a legal process before entering the United States. But it wasn’t just in Lawrence. […]

Freedom Deserves More Than Lip Service

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL  March, 2006 The people of the Arab world declared war on freedom and all who defend it when they committed violence around the globe in response to political cartoons depicting their prophet Muhammad. Some even in a flattering light.  They now believe that Islamic law, always reserved exclusively for those who follow […]

Hooray, Hamas Won!

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL February, 2006  Many now wring their hands over the ascendancy of Hamas in the Palestinian elections. In disbelief, they ask, “What has the democratic process wrought? A government of terrorists?”  But there may be a silver lining that clears away the haze!  Now there are no more excuses that suicide bombings are […]

Assumptions & Intimidations

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   February, 2006 The owners and editors of The Valley Patriot signed the marriage petition to allow the voters of Massachusetts to vote on whether or not marriage should be defined as between a man and a woman. Decisions of this import and scope, impacting traditions that have stood for thousands of […]

Terrorism & The Seditious Media

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   January, 2006 You don’t have to look any further than the 24-hour cable news channels or the pages of once-respected newspapers in the United States to find Usama bin Laden’s greatest ally in his quest to destroy America.  American journalists are so obsessed with reporting bad news about Iraq and “revealing” […]

Sullivan and Healey Will Make a Great Team

EDITORIAL  When the average voter goes to the polls during local elections, he is usually not thinking of party politics.  During local races, average voters look at individual candidates and cast a vote based upon which man or woman can serve their community better. A candidate’s party affiliation rarely comes to play during local races. […]

It Used to be Called Treason

It Used to be Called Treason

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITRIAL December, 2005 Each month the Valley Patriot honors Veterans of the U.S. military who fought for this country at great personal risk and tremendous personal sacrifice. Normally, we prefer to use the limited space within this newspaper to showcase the great bravery and selfless dedication our veterans have exhibited for the safety of our nation and the rest of […]

Let’s Encourage MORE Illegal Aliens

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL    November, 2005 Some Massachusetts legislators are always seeking newer and better ways to mug the Massachusetts taxpayers. The ongoing effort to allow the children of illegal aliens to attend state colleges at the same cost as legal residents, rather than at the higher out-of-state rate, is another example of flouting the […]

What the Numbers Really Mean

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   October, 2005 Last month, the City of Lawrence held a preliminary municipal election for mayor, school committee and city council. Less than 20% of the 32,000 registered voters bothered to participate. With more than 70,000 people living in the city of Lawrence that means less than 9% of the population bothered […]

No More Excuses for Gaza

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL September, 2005 Amid much dissention and psychological trauma, Israel has withdrawn all Israeli settlers from Gaza. Regardless of debates concerning who lived in Gaza first, or who should be entitled to live there now, or whether withdrawal will reward the terrorists, Israel has chosen to pull out. Right, wrong or otherwise, Gaza […]

Canceling Primaries Protects Incumbents

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   August, 2005 You cannot put a price on democracy. Yet, the city of Methuen recently tried to cancel their preliminary election, officials said, because too few candidates took out nomination papers. Why have a preliminary election, they asked, and spend thousands of tax dollars when most races for mayor, school committee and city council are uncontested? […]

First Flags Then Books

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   July, 2005 In honor of the 4th of July and the birth of this great nation, we wave the American Flag high. We salute the flag and support the freedoms it stands for. It has been the practice of The Valley Patriot to honor our veterans each month with a feature […]

First Flags Then Books

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL    July, 2005 In honor of the 4th of July and the birth of this great nation, we wave the American Flag high. We salute the flag and support the freedoms it stands for.  It has been the practice of The Valley Patriot to honor our veterans each month with a feature […]

Another Shutout!

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   June, 2005 Teachers Union 10, Children and North Andover Taxpayers 0 Get ready for the hand wringing! Next spring you will hear about the massive cuts in services and the need to layoff approximately two-dozen of North Andover’s teaching staff. Intense pressure will be brought to bear on fire, police and public […]

Join the Heroes As They Gather

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL May, 2005 It is time for a reality check as our Town and City leaders wring their hands over budgets that don’t stretch to meet everyone’s expressed needs, and citizens grind their teeth because some service is slightly diminished.  But, we are not living in a time of deprivation. Quite the contrary, […]