Charlie Baker’s Medical Board, Felony, Extortion and Forensic Fraud

By: Dr. Padmanabhan – May, 2017

What we have is Charlie Baker’s medical Board violating open tender laws to enter into a sweetheart no-bid contract with a contractor, here the Massachusetts Medical Society. The contractor generates thousands of dollars from doctors who are coerced by Charlie’s board, under the threat of losing their medical license, to keep paying the contractor. And if they stop paying, as Dr. Michael Langan did, the Board takes their license away, pour encourager les autres.

In all of human history, such corrupt contractual relations have never existed without hefty kickbacks, here to everyone at the Board, and perhaps the Governor’s Office as well.

The criminals who run the state medical Board decided Dr. Langan would be a good target to shake down as he was soft, compliant, non-confrontational, not disruptive, had a wife, three kids in school and a mortgage. The perfect target.
So Dr.. Langan was suddenly ordered to give blood for an alcohol test under pains of losing his medical license. Dr. Langan was unclear why, but complied as always. And surprise surprise! The test returned overwhelmingly positive for alcohol. Positive for half a gallon of vodka a day. . And the board said A-ha! If you do not keep paying $600 for drug tests at the lab of our choice, we will take your medical license away.

Even worse, they coerced a devout Catholic Jesuit to suffer through three AA meetings a week where he was forced to listen to a faith-based agenda totally opposite to his own faith. It was this torture that finally transformed Dr. Langan and landed the board with an existential problem.
Dr. Langan had the College of American Pathologists analyze the board’s fake blood test. The lab itself, once it knew it was under investigation by a national body, gave up the board and sent Dr. Langan the fax it had received from the board ordering it to switch the sample numbers.

What the medical Board did was take some alcoholic’s sample number and switch it to Dr. Langan’s sample. After his had been sent to the lab under the correct number.

When Dr. Langan objected to the Board’s felony forensic fraud, it suspended his license just to show him who is in power in Massachusetts. That was in 2012. Dr. Langan has been unable to earn a living ever since.

Even worse is the government’s insistence that Dr. Langan enroll in a specific religion-based 12-step program run by it’s own contractor, the Massachusetts Medical Society, and not any of the competing secular programs. There is zero evidence this contractor was chosen through an open bid process and the sweetheart no-bid relationship continues indefinitely with automatic renewals.

Last week, finally, Dr. Langan went before the full bench of the Supreme Judicial Court. You owe it to yourself to see it here –
The six Justices of the court were outraged that the board had driven a doctor and his family into bankruptcy in the absence of a single patient complaint. As Justice Cypher asked, “If there was no trouble with clinical patient care, why is the board involved?”

Chief Justice Gants demanded what Dr. Langan needed to do to get his license back. Charlie’s Board said he needed a work-site alcohol monitoring plan that was acceptable to them. And oh, they wanted to see 1 year of tests before they would give him his license back. Chief Justice Gants asked Charlie’s board who would pay for those tests. Charlie’s Board said, of course “Dr. Langan would have to pay.”

The Chief Justice pointed out that, thanks exclusively to this board, Dr. Langan had no money. Charlie’s board refused to pay. The Chief Justice concluded that Charlie’s board was perfectly comfortable with a doctor being driven out of medicine and his family homeless because he could not pay for their drug tests.

Charlie’s board is angry with Dr. Langan for not committing suicide, as Dr. Ellen Malsky and Dr. James Fenn have done. That is Charlie’s Board’s desired outcome for those who refuse to pay.

Why is everyone at Charlie’s board not in prison already?

ecause he and Maura Healey have declared their full support.

And no-bid contracts explain why the Medical Society always supports the board and not doctors.

This is Massachusetts.

Nothing better may be expected.

Bharani Padmanabhan MD PhD is a neurologist who specializes in multiple sclerosis in the Boston area.