DRY RUN? Woburn and Wilmington Police Respond to Threats to “KILL COPS” in Bomb Scare, Shooting Hoaxes

By: Tom Duggan 4-15-16|940pm

wilmingtonBoth Woburn and Wilmington Police Departments responded to separate calls at almost the same time Friday, which put both stations on high alert and required the assistance of the NEMLEC SWAT team.

According to Valley Patriot sources, a call came into the Woburn business line where a male stated that he had killed his wife in unit 204, in Building 16, at the Westgate Apartments.

The caller reportedly said that he had other people with him and wasn’t going to leave alive, adding that there would be dead cops before he went.

Woburn police blocked off streets and while they, and NEMLEC were clearing the building, another call came in claiming to be a victim in the same apartment. 

The incident began at approximately 630pm.

Within a few minutes, police in the town of Wilmington received a call from someone demanding to speak directly to the police chief, claiming to have stashed bombs inside the police station and threatening to kill every cop in the building.

Both departments investigated and eventually determined that the incidents were a hoax. But, officers privately said that they believe the callers were well organized, and that all three calls most likely came from the same individual or individuals. The person sounded like a juvenile or were making themselves sound like juveniles and had a slight accent. 

Both the towns of Woburn and Wilmington have had false bomb scares in their schools in recent weeks.

The police departments in both communities have yet to issue press releases on the incidents.

The Valley Patriot will post any releases by either department.