Five Reasons the “War on Women” is Not Going Away ~ Beneath The Surface with Paul Murano



By: Paul Murano – October, 2014

There are five reasons the war on women theme will continue through November’s election:

1) Many voters will believe anything if repeated enough through the media.

2) “Women’s groups” like NOW need to justify their existence and feel relevant.

3) “Man-hate” is easy for experts at emotional and psychological manipulation to conjure up for Democratic votes before elections. Unfortunately, there will always be college girls to exploit and a plentitude of other women who have felt used or abused by males in their lives.

4) Countless people have already been conditioned to believe the false narrative that equality means sameness – through four decades of relentless bombardment by the media and academia.

5) Those who are wise enough to know the real war on women is being waged by those decrying a war on women often lack the courage or ability to coherently articulate this hypocrisy.

Let us go beneath the surface on these points. Since man’s fall from paradise, domination and lust have been unleashed into the male-female dynamic. Since then women have been victims of abuse, being used as domestic servants, sex slaves, prostitutes, concubines, pornography objects, temporary “relationship” fixes, and ex-wives dumped for younger women. As a response to this historical injustice two kinds of feminism have arisen.

The first seeks to raise femininity and womanhood to its rightful place as equal and complementary partners with men. This was the Christian response, grounded in the belief that each gender images God with equal dignity and distinct complimentary natures. The second kind of feminism is to deny the feminine nature of woman and re-define her to fit the male prototype. This is the secular humanist answer. It teaches women to fight domination and lust by becoming dominant and lustful, to become the evil they fight in order to conquer it. The Christian model fights evil with love and sees equality as harmony; the secular humanist model fights evil with evil and sees equality as sameness.

Although the secular model of feminism has conquered the minds of most young people today, up until relatively recently this was not the case. When a woman walked into a room, men would stand up, remove their hats, and cease to speak in profanities. Chivalry was the norm and respect for women placed them on a proverbial pedestal. Today’s “feminism” (which is really masculinism), however, has re-interpreted this chivalry to be insulting, and, through the media and academia, has successfully taught an entire generation of women that to be successful one must resist their natural gift of feminine modesty to become aggressive and promiscuous. A woman “wins” equality by being on birth control and demanding that the government pay for it, while aggressively climbing the corporate ladder.

When the feminine nature is suppressed it leaves three degrading options for women: act more like a man, more like a harlot, or both. A “successful” woman is portrayed in the media as being both aggressive and sexy. She is able to kick a man’s butt and look perfect in a string bikini. The role model for womanhood today is a combination of Wonder Woman and Sandra Fluke; and if anyone challenges it they are “misogynists” waging a “war on women.”

Ironically, this leftist ideology of equality that aims to erase as much sexual difference as possible, attacks women. Instead of inspiring men to honor and cherish them, young women are told to seek independence while polluting their bodies with artificial chemicals and hormones so that men may use them in the serial monogamy of today’s “relationship” culture. Sadly, this template has contributed to more depression and anxiety than any time in history.

Why have so many bought into this degrading idea that to free women of inequality they must be freed of womanhood? The answers are listed above in points 1 and 4. It is time to challenge the Democrat politician, liberal celebrity, and sociology professor whenever they decry a “war on women” to think deeper about why it may not be such a good idea to reject human nature and dismantle what western civilization has been able to accomplish — raising respect for the wonder and dignity of women to heights unimaginable when Jesus first broke the mold by conversing with women in public, inviting them to follow Him, and forbidding men to divorce their wives.

It hurts to admit it, but women have been duped. This leaves both sexes unfulfilled. Until the falsehoods are courageously exposed, Democrat politicians will continue their false “war on women” theme, and we will not be fighting the real one.