GOP Makes Gains, Doubles Reps. in Mass. House


By: David Trumbull – November, 2010


State Rep Jim Lyons and Valley Patriot PupyGirl Kate Whitney
State Rep Jim Lyons and Valley Patriot PupyGirl Kate Whitney

While nationally the Republicans picked up about 60 seats, and control, in the United States House of Representatives, here in Massachusetts a tide of Republican support doubled the size of the GOP caucus in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

On Election Day Republicans held 15 of the 160 seats in the Massachusetts House. Republicans held on to every seat and picked up at least 14 more seats!

Eight Republican members of the House faced no opposition in this election: Jay Barrow (1st Bristol), Vinny deMacedo (12th Plymouth), Paul Frost (7th Worcester), Brad Hill (4th Essex), Donald Humason (4th Hampden), Brad Jones (20th Middlesex), Elizabeth Poirier (14th Bristol), and Todd Smola (1st Hampden).

Three Republican incumbents faced and defeated Democratic challengers: Susan Gifford (2nd Plymouth), George Peterson (9th Worcester), and Daniel Webster (6th Plymouth).

Five seats that were open due to Republican office-holders not seeking re-election to the House were retained by the Republicans: Matthew Beaton in the 11th Worcester (vacated by Karyn Polito who ran unsuccessfully for Treasurer), Kimberly Ferguson in the 1st Worcester (vacated by Lewis Evangelidis who ran successfully for Sheriff), Randy Hunt in the 5th Barnstable (vacated by Jeff Perry who ran unsuccessfully for Congress), Sheila Harrington in the 1st Middlesex (vacated by Robert Hargraves), and Daniel Winslow in the 9th Norfolk (vacated by Richard Ross elected to the Senate in a special election earlier this year)

In addition, Republicans picked up more seats in the House than we have in any election in the last 20 years.

Four seats occupied by Democrats not seeking re-election to the House switched to Republican: Paul Adams picked up the open seat in 17th Essex (vacated by Democrat Barry Finegold), Richard Bastien picked up the open seat in 2nd Worcester (vacated by Democrat Robert Rice), Angelo D’Emilia picked up the open seat in 8th Plymouth (vacated by Democrat David Flynn), Marc Lombardo picked up the open seat in 22nd Middlesex (vacated by Democrat William Green)

At least nine and possibly as many as 13 incumbent Democrats were defeated by Republicans:

Geoff Diehl defeated incumbent Allen McCarthy in the 7th Plymouth, Ryan Fattman defeated incumbent Jennifer Callahan in 18th Worcester, Steven Howitt defeated incumbent Steve D’Amico in the 4th Bristol, Kevin Kuros defeated incumbent Paul Kujawski in 8th Worcester, James Lyons defeated incumbent Barbara L’Italien in the 18th Essex, George Ross defeated incumbent Bill Bowles in the 2nd Bristol, James Stanton defeated incumbent John Rogers in the 12th Norfolk, David Vieira defeated incumbent Matthew Patrick in the 3rd Barnstable District, and Donald Wong defeated incumbent Mark Falzone in the 9th Essex. Four races are too close to call as of this writing: Shaunna O’Connell is tied with incumbent James Fagan in the 3rd Bristol, Nicholas Boldya is tied with incumbent Rosemary Sandlin in the 3rd Hampden, Steven Levy is tied with incumbent Danielle Gregoire in the 4th Middlesex, and Peter Durant tied with incumbent Geraldo Alicea in 6th Worcester.

David Trumbull is the chairman of the Boston Ward Three Republican Committee. Boston’s Ward Three includes the North End, West End, part of Beacon Hill, downtown, waterfront, Chinatown, and part of the South End.