Hooray, Hamas Won!


February, 2006

 Many now wring their hands over the ascendancy of Hamas in the Palestinian elections. In disbelief, they ask, “What has the democratic process wrought? A government of terrorists?”

 But there may be a silver lining that clears away the haze!

 Now there are no more excuses that suicide bombings are just the product of an “extreme fringe group.” The Palestinians are now setting their government’s policy, and if destruction of Israel is the policy, they own it. The government can’t say, “Terrorism is not our fault. We really want peace and we’re doing the best we can.” There can be no more games and liberal baloney about liars like Arafat.

 Now, there will be no more foreign aid to the PLO, a sinkhole of corruption. If Hamas wants financial assistance, it has to earn it.

 Now, suicide bombings become state-sponsored acts of war, since they would be explicitly the policy of a democratically elected government. Acts of war can be responded to with military retaliation … BOMBS AWAY!!

The benefits of democracy will eventually occur. It may take years, but now the Palestinian people get to pick their policies and pay the piper. Over time, they’ll finally learn to be civilized, or they’ll all be dead.

They can take their pick.

We’re finally on the road to peace. 

Three cheers!