Lawrence’s Own Bylli Crayone: The Undisputed King of Dance


There is a lot of talent within the Merrimack Valley, but when it comes to ‘Dance’ music, Bylli Crayone holds the crown as the King of Dance.

Whether it be Freestyle, Club, Trance or Pop Music, Bylli has done it all. He’s even got a Merengue song out there. Over the past few decades Bylli has made a name for himself within the dance music community. Fans from all over the world support his music.

From the Freestyle Community to the Gay Community and everyone else in between. Dance Music has no limits. It has a wide range audience and has an appeal that many can adapt to.

The new album release ‘TOYFRIEND” is a Milestone album celebrating his 30 years in music as an independent artist. The album is a collection of songs that have been recorded over the years. Compiled exclusively for this album release.

Songs include the 1991 release of ‘Girl Hang It Up!’ which was the song that started it all. The album also includes collaborations with 80s Pop Legends BOY GEORGE and TIFFANY. The Digital & CD release both have 12 tracks while the limited-edition Japanese vinyl pressing only has 8.

The Japanese vinyl release is a limited-edition orange colored vinyl pressing. It also includes a limited-edition foldout poster inside the LP. But the most exciting part about this vinyl release is the exclusive Funko Pop that is only available through a direct link found by scanning the QR Code on the back of the album jacket.

These Funko Pops are limited to 20 and are Exclusive to this vinyl album release in Japan. The Vinyl and CD can both be purchased online at Support your local artists.

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