Loss of Charlie Baker Catastrophic for Massachusetts ~ VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL (12-21)



While conservatives and Republicans in Massachusetts have been rightfully angry with Governor Charlie Baker over the years, their celebration of his departure from governor’s race next year is very short sighted.

Yes, Baker initially campaigned for governor as a fiscal conservative and a social moderate, and then abandoned all of those principals once he took office.
Yes, Baker has embraced the authoritarian lockdowns and other restrictive health measures that have proven to be ineffective.

And Yes, Charlie Baker has single handedly divided the Massachusetts Republican party by partaking in the anti-Trump hysteria of the last five years and trying to rig the state GOP elections for party leadership.

Having said that, however, Charlie Baker is the only reason the “defund the police” movement has not taken hold here in Massachusetts.

He has single handedly held back the left-wing lunatics who want riots in the streets, steep tax hikes, more social programs, parole for vicious killers, racism in the schools, and racist requirements for government benefits.

In short, without Charlie Baker on the ballot next year for governor, it’s almost certain that the state Democrat Party will once again control the executive branch of state government.

For all of his faults as governor, Charlie Baker stabilized the state budget, fought for additional police funding, longer sentences for criminals, kept tax hikes to a minimum – and by virtue of holding that office – stopped the Ayana Pressley’s and the hate-America crowd from destroying state government from within. In short, he stopped the same people who destroyed New York and California.

Sure, Republican Geoff Diehl would be a great governor if he could actually win a general election.

Nothing would make us happier than if Diehl would replace Baker for governor in 2022.
Unfortunately, Diehl already has the endorsement of Donald Trump in this race.

To the left-wing Massachusetts voters, that’s the equivalent of having the endorsement of former KKK leader David Duke.

Those TV commercials write themselves.

While we understand the reasons most Republicans and conservatives in Massachusetts hate Charlie Baker, his departure from this race is nothing to celebrate, in fact, it’s downright catastrophic.

Two years from now, Charlie Baker will have a better job, that pays more, and has fewer headaches.

The rest of us, however, will be suffering under the dictates of the racist crazies in the Massachusetts Democratic Party. ◊