Methuen Police Superior Officers Union Files Class Action Wage Grievance Against City

Class Action Grievance.NEPBA Local 17

The Methuen Superior Officers Union has filed a wage violation grievance against the city saying that; “The City of Methuen has, on an ongoing and continuous  basis, and in an arbitrary manner violated the provisions of the parties’ CBA (contract) in effect from July 1, 2017 through June 20, 2020 as implemented by agreement under the terms of the parties’ MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) dated July 18, 2018, by failing to pay wages and other compensation to bargaining unit members as required by the terms of the CBA, MOU, and established practice. The actions of the city also violate provisions of Massachusetts state law.”

The grievance lists five counts against the city.

Union President Greg Gallant says that in addition to the wage violation grievance they have also filed an unfair labor action against the city for refusing to turn over records pertaining to their wage violation. He related that the city actions have also been discriminatory and punitive, stating the city has over the last six months responded to a public records request, in which they released their home addresses, social security numbers and other personal information that is exempt from public release under the state’s public records law.

“Honestly, our union members did not want to take this action,” Greg Gallant, president of the superior officers union told The Valley Patriot late Wednesday. “The city councils lack of understanding in collective bargaining and Massachusetts Labor Law has really forced our hand.”

“The union demands that the city immediately and retroactively abide by the terms of the CBA and make all bargaining unit members whole, and also award any additional remedy provided for under Massachusetts General Law, including treble (triple) damages as provided by the Massachusetts Wage Act.