No Russian Collusion, No Obstruction, Media Continues to Lie ~ VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL (04-19)


April, 2019

For three years, the mainstream “news” media and their masters in the democrat party thumped their chests and propagated the lie that President Donald Trump was a secret Russian spy for Vladimir Putin who literally stole the election from their preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton.

They told us Russia “hacked the election” which is absurd when you consider that every city has their own ballot machines and none of them were “hacked” and not one vote was ever changed.

It was a delusional excuse from day one, by people who could not – and still cannot – accept the results of the election. To them, Hillary was obviously the heir apparent to Obama and there’s just no way Trump could have won fair and square.

Day after day, week after week, year after year CNN and the rest of the liars who pretend to be “journalists” told you that “any day now” Trump was going to be “dragged out of the White House in handcuffs.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren even fantasized publicly that Trump may not be around to run against at election time because he might be in jail.

Panel discussions by over-educated idiots littered the airwaves every day telling us that Mueller was going to prove Trump was a traitor, and that when this happened, Trump would refuse to accept the results of the Mueller report.

Remember all the harassment Trump endured day after day when the democrats in the media asked over and over if he would “accept the results of the Mueller report”?

Remember just a few days before the Mueller report was released, the CNN panel discussions of supposedly smart people speculating how Trump was going to SPIN the Mueller report when it reveals his “obvious treason”?

Yet, just as they predicted that Trump would not accept the results of the election when he lost, and then they did exactly that when he won – the press and their masters in the Democratic National Committee refuse to accept the result of the Mueller report which shows that, in fact, Trump was not a Russian spy.

No Collusion, no obstruction, not one American was ever indicted or prosecuted for “hacking the election” or “colluding with Russia” … much less being a traitor.

What we did learn in all this Russian hysteria, however, is that there was indeed Russian collusion during the 2016 presidential campaign. There was indeed spying going on. But it wasn’t on the part of President Trump, it was the Obama Administration and the Clinton campaign.

The fact is, the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign. They used the FBI to conduct surveillance of members of the Trump team.

What’s more, the Clinton campaign hired Mr. Steel to put together a fake dossier he got for RUSSIA, gave that dossier to Obama’s FBI, who then leaked the dossier to Yahoo news, then used the Yahoo NEWS report to convince a federal judge to give them a warrant to wire-tap Trump Tower.

Remember when Trump said in a press conference that they were wiretapping Trump Towers, and the so-called journalists on CNN and MSNBC called it a lie?

We now know that that’s exactly what happened.

Think of the precedent all this sets for the future of our republic?

Imagine if Trump decides to employ a Russian spy next year to put together a fake dossier on – say – Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign.

Imagine if he then uses that fake Russian dossier to get a federal judge to give him a warrant to wiretap her headquarters, and then turns around and accuses Warren of being the Russian spy? With no real evidence?

It’s a horrible abuse of power and it’s anti-American. And we should never stand for it no matter who is doing it or who it is being done to.

George Orwell warned about this kind of deep-state subversion of democracy in his novel “1984”. He warned how truth would be a lie and lies would be considered truth because those in power demand it. Unfortunately the Democrats in DC and the American “news” media are using it as an instruction manual. It should never happen again, but sadly it will because those in power have learned nothing from any of this. ◊