OPINION: Biden’s Fear Campaign Offers No Positive Future


By: Ken Willette – 6/24

To inspire a nation suffering from unprecedented economic turmoil, FDR once declared: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” If Biden ever got caught in a hot mic moment of complete honesty, he might counter by saying,” The only political tool I have left is fear.”

Besides promoting an irrational fear of losing our republic to his opponent, what is the vision of a Biden second term? Biden’s celebrity surrogates are in full gloom and doom mode. Robert (Raging BS instead of Raging Bull) De Niro is ranting outside of Trump’s trial, while Joy Behar is in full Trump Derangement Syndrome by declaring that MAGA hats should be affixed with swastikas.

Joy’s illogical thinking is refuted by the fact that Jared Kushner, a proud Jewish American, worked on major trade deals, peace agreements, criminal justice reform laws and tax credits as a senior advisor in the Trump White House. Trump’s own daughter, Ivanka Trump, converted to Judaism to align with her husband, Jared, and raise their children under that faith.

Both Trump and Kushner secured the Abraham Peace Accords, which normalized full diplomatic relations between several Arab nations and Israel. But that would disrupt Joyless Behar’s nonsensical ramblings about prevalent right-wing antisemitism that even liberal Bill Maher has dismissed as untrue.

And notice no rebuttals from ABC News leadership, as it hosts the dumpster fire known as The View—ironically and comically labeled as a news program.

In a CNN poll, it was revealed that a sizable majority of voters (61%) consider the Biden presidency to be a failure. The slogan Bidenomics reeks like rotten fish with polling groups. In a pejorative sense, Bidenomics is treated with the same historic warmth by the public as Hoovervilles were during the Great Depression. The Inflation Reduction Act certainly hasn’t reduced inflation and hasn’t cut back on the deficit. But they knew it beforehand because the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office called out the legislation for its blatant inaccuracies.

At first Biden desired to let the Trump tax cuts expire, but then he reversed course when he failed to realize how much of the landmark Trump tax reform package went to hardworking middle-class Americans. Biden still seeks a barrage of tax hikes on corporations and wealthy individuals to fund out-of-control government spending. His own government largesse has amassed an annual deficit of 6% of GDP, despite all the signs of a full economy. This is unheard of in American history.

In the 1990s, Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and a solid GOP congressional majority cut taxes, balanced the budget four times, paid down national debt, and ushered in an economic boom. Tax cuts will bring in more revenue. It worked for Presidents Coolidge, Kennedy, and Reagan. However, courageous political leadership is required to not redistribute that additional revenue for patronage programs, but rather dedicate it exclusively for deficit reduction.

The 2024 Election has all the hallmarks of the 1968 campaign. Both time frames have faced pervasive urban crime, out-of-control campus protests, foreign policy controversy and an irreconcilable dissent within the Democratic Party. You might even get some Mayor Richard Daley level, election night shenanigans, with late returning ballots.

While the pundits predict a cliffhanger result like 1968, I honestly contend that based on trending demographics (fewer Hispanic, African American, and young voters are inclined to vote for Biden currently versus 2020), more favorability toward Trump on major issues and consistent battleground state polls, it is really Trump’s race to lose.

Even among Trump’s staunchest supporters, they sometimes bemoan his bombastic and overreaching rhetoric while still celebrating his popular and effective policies. Trump can often be his own worst enemy.

Nevertheless, Trump is right to condemn the lawlessness being unleashed in major blue-state cities, the hate-filled mob rule on college campuses, the reversal of 94 executive orders by Biden that opened the floodgates of illegals into this country, and excessive overregulation of individuals and businesses.
If you recently listened to Biden’s remarks at the Morehouse College Commencement, you get a taste of the Biden Fear Factor. Biden will never approach the fresh optimism of JFK’s New Frontier speech nor the brilliance of Reagan’s Morning in America campaign.

When you are underwater in the polls and don’t have a popular record (his approval rating is in the 30s), the incumbent must engage in gutter politics, pure fear, and negativity. No Reagan ‘Shining City on the Hill’ speeches here.

As a former Methuen City Councilor and current School Committeeman, I was there to bear witness to the worst negative campaigning in Methuen municipal history. I never engaged in scorched earth, negative campaigning. Because it really didn’t work in Methuen, and it certainly won’t work in our national election.

Even some reporters are waking up to Biden’s nightmarish vision of post-election America. An award-winning journalist (please note he is not a fan of Trump) investigated his own news organization and found out that no Republicans serve on NPR’s editorial board, nor are there registered Republican journalists at NPR. He resigned to protest the hypocrisy of a taxpayer-funded entity that is exclusively a Democratic club.

Articles are finally being written about the fact that the Democratic Party is suing the RFK, Jr. campaign to keep him off state ballots. So much for Biden’s unswerving defense of democracy. Even ABC News is questioning why Americans should have student loans forgiven while other people pursued vocational careers, paid billions in taxes and don’t receive a dime in relief.

With one last reference to 1968, there are striking parallels between how LBJ wanted to rapidly achieve a peace agreement with North Vietnam to aid his Vice President (and his own legacy) against Richard Nixon, and how Biden is now seeking a ceasefire to pacify protestors for his own interest.

The raw politics of sacrificing an ally to achieve a favorable election result would make Biden and LBJ political soulmates. It was ultimately unsuccessful for LBJ, and it will likely produce the same result for Biden. ◊