Sex Offender Registry Board Reform Included in FY’14 Budget

Expansion Opens Information on Level 2 Offenders to the Public



 Under current Massachusetts law, the public only has access to information on Level 3 sex offenders. Such limited resources inspired State Representative James Arciero (D-Westford) to sponsor legislation, endorsed by the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, geared to reforming the Commonwealth’s registry board. Arciero is presently working on legislation that would make available information on Level 1 sex offenders as well.

 “I am extremely pleased that we have taken the final step to put Level 2 sex offender information online,” said Arciero, who led the fight in the last two legislative sessions to accomplish this change in state law. “I am thankful to my colleagues in the House and Senate, as well as Governor Deval Patrick for their leadership on this important public safety issue and their willingness to tackle this matter in the budget process. I always believed that it was in the best interest of the residents of the Commonwealth that there should be transparency. Massachusetts individuals and families will now have the right to see all the information that is available in order to make their own determinations on what steps to take to keep themselves, their families and their neighborhoods safe.”

 “It is long overdue that the public has full access to information on sex offenders in the Commonwealth,” said DiZoglio. “I want to thank Representative Arciero and House Ways and Means Chairman Brian S. Dempsey for their exemplary efforts in ensuring this language was included in the final FY’14 Budget. This is immensely important reform that will serve people across the Commonwealth well.”