Finegold Benefitted from Campaign material printed by the Lawrence Public Schools

Finegold Benefitted from Campaign material printed by the Lawrence Public Schools

By: Tom Duggan – July, 2009 An investigation by the Massachusetts office of Campaign and Political Finance may not have issued their report yet on which elected officials benefited from campaign material printed in the Lawrence Public Schools I’m gong to tell you who they right now. At least three members of the Lawrence School Committee (Morris, Larocque and Mejia) benefited from literature printed […]


AFFIRMS SUPPORT OF ARMENIAN GENOCIDE RECOGNITION WEB EXTRA   By  Tom Duggan – August 21, 2007     State Representative and Congressional Candidate Barry Finegold condemned the national Anti-Defamation League’s firing of its New England regional director Andrew H. Tarsy. Tarsy was fired by the national ADL for his advocacy on behalf of Armenian genocide recognition. […]

Some Hilights and Lowlights of the Flood

PAYING ATTENTION! WITH TOM DUGGAN By: Tom Duggan – June, 2006  Every year people who work for “non profit” organizations like Lawrence Community Works make their fortunes crowding into Lawrence’s council chambers, whining about how badly “they” need more of your tax dollars to build and secure housing for the “poor” people of Lawrence.  Yet, […]

MA Lt. Gov. Healey Calls for Senator Kerry to Resign While Running for President

  Tom Duggan – 2004 WAKEFIELD – Lt. Governor Kerry Murphy Healey called for the resignation of Senator John Kerry yesterday before a packed room of Republican supporters at the Sheraton in Wakefield. Introducing former EPA Secretary (and former New Jersey Governor) Christie Todd Whitman to the group of GOP loyalists, Healey said that Kerry […]