Tom Duggan’s Notebook – November, 2012

FROM THE PAGES OF VALLEY PATRIOT PUBLISHER, TOM DUGGAN’S NOTEBOOK November, 2012   PANTS ON FIRE AWARD – Of all the candidates telling all the lies they could this election season, by far the winner of the Valley Patriot’s “Pants on Fire Award” for the 2012 election goes to Congressman John Tierney. Tierney took a […]

The Government Healthcare Tar Baby (Opinion)

The Government Healthcare Tar Baby (Opinion)

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX By: Charles Ormsby – September, 2009 Having consulted with their constituents over the August recess, our elected representatives will be heading back to Washington fully intending to ignore what they were told. Their meetings with voters ranged from respectful (Niki Tsongas) to downright contemptuous (Barney Frank) to non-existent (John Tierney). Presumably, […]

Massachusetts Congressional Delegation Betraying Our Most Precious Legacy

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL September, 2009 It took centuries of economic and political experimentation coupled with tremendous intellectual effort for human beings to discover the concept of individual liberty. It took the blood of millions to establish a beachhead for freedom and to protect it so it could grow and prosper. Now that precious legacy is being squandered […]