Another One Bites the Dust … Breaking News From the World of Infectious Diseases

By: Dr. Frank MacMillan “Another one bites the dust” was a catchy tune in the 80’s popularized by the British band Queen, whose band leader Freddie Mercury ultimately succumbed to complications of AIDS, caused by the HIV virus. Basic research, clinical research and drug development in the mid 1990s turned an infectious disease from a […]

FOUR Welcome Additions to our Stacked Lineup of Writing Talent

FOUR Welcome Additions to our Stacked Lineup of Writing Talent

Valley Patriot Editorial March, 2014 – As we celebrate our tenth anniversary, we are happy to announce some exciting additions to our Valley Patriot lineup, starting with former Eagle Tribune publisher Al Getler. Yes, that’s what we said … Al Getler. Given that publisher Tom Duggan has been somewhat abrasive in his criticism of Getler’s […]

Conservative Frank McMillan Running for North Andover Town Moderator

March, 2012 Dr. Frank MacMillan, Jr. is running for Town Moderator in North Andover with a campaign theme of finding “The Right Balance.” In these tough political and economic times, Frank brings a varied background in leadership, learning and character, the Right Balance of qualities that will serve North Andover well. As a medical doctor […]