Town Manager Neil Harrington’s Angry Rant, Attacks ‘Citizens for Change’, Tomaselli Sisters, Valley Patriot … and Free Speech

  Salisbury Town Manager Neil Harrington addressed our Valley Patriot story in last months edition called “The 80 Million Lie” “I wanted to read the following because I think it is important; and I think members of the board received an email from me last Friday that deals with the subject that I am going […]

An $80 Million Lie: Sisters Discover Sewer Project 100% Paid for with Grant Money

PART I By: Tom Duggan – September, 2013 Gracemarie and Joyce Tomaselli say they are days away from losing their property in Salisbury because town officials have retaliated against them because they blew the lid on what they call, “the $80 Million lie.” Dubbed the Sleuth Sisters, Joyce and Gracemarie have been investigating a sewer […]