Recall Begins Against Lawrence Mayor Willie Lantigua

Recall Begins Against Lawrence Mayor Willie Lantigua

  By: Tom Duggan – July, 2011   During the late 80’s, former Lawrence Mayor Kevin Sullivan tried to orchestrate a recall election against two members of the Lawrence School Committee who opposed his Emerson College relocation plan. That effort, backed with money, resources and the help of the daily newspaper, failed. In the early 90’s, former Lawrence Mayor Larry Lefebre lost a […]

Reyes Demands Lantgua Pay Back School Funds

  By; Tom Duggan – May, 2011   Lawrence School Committeeman Sammy Reyes (District D) has written a scathing letter to the city council demanding that education funds (which were used for city services) be repaid to the school children of Lawrence. In his letter, Reyes threatens to turn in the Lantigua administration for misappropriation […]

Lantigua using School Employees for City Services

By: Tom Duggan – June, 2010 Lawrence School Committeeman Mark Gray says that Mayor Willie Latigua is violating state law by using Chapter 70 Education money (earmarked solely or school spending) to balance the city budget. “He is using the school’s Internet Technology department to do work on computers in city hall and in the […]