A total waste of taxpayers’ money

  By: Michael Sweeney – March, 2010 You have to wonder when taxpayers are simply going to have enough and demand wholesale change. It appears the limits of taxpayers tolerance is being reached, particularly with the continued Tammany Hall tactics going on in the City of Lawrence. Just imagine how much of your tax dollars […]

Who Will Lead Lawrence? An Evaluation of the two Candidates for Mayor in 2009

By: Tom Duggan – October, 2009 ELECTION EDITION Lawrence Mayor Michael Sullivan is finishing his final term because the city charter limits the mayor’s job to two, four year terms. Sullivan defeated Isabel Melendez in 2001 and Marcos Devers in 2005. Ironically Willie Lantigua endorsed and supported Isabel Melendez in ’01 but flipped in ’05 […]

Superintendent Wilfredo Laboy Refutes Chief Romero’s Claim of Increased Arrests at LHS

Superintendent Wilfredo Laboy Refutes Chief Romero’s Claim of Increased Arrests at LHS

 By: Tom Duggan – May, 2008   July 29, 2008 — Following Police Chief John Romero’s issuing of the School Resource Officer (SRO) report detailing an increase in arrests in the District, Superintendent Wilfredo T. Laboy has issued a statement disputing the data in the report: The Lawrence Public Schools constantly monitors data pertaining to […]

Fix the Lawrence Fountain NOW!

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   September, 2006 For years the people of Lawrence and visitors to the city have enjoyed the majesty of a giant fountain at the corner of South Union St. and Winthrop Avenue. And for years the DPW has neglected to adequately fix up that fountain when it fell into disrepair.  Now DPW […]

Hack Squad Comes Out for Mike Sullivan

By: Tom Duggan – August, 2001 Originally published on line on www.tomyduggan.com  Mayoral candidate Mike Sullivan held a fund raiser last week at the Lawrence British Club on Cambridge Street. Almost every political hack in the city was in attendance. City workers from almost every department in city hall packed the club in order show […]