Do Wise Men Still Seek Him?

  By: Paul Murano – December 2012 Each year at Christmas we are reminded of the birth of a man who is by far the most influential person that ever walked the earth. Our calendar separates the pre-Christian era from the Christian era of world history. The world’s number one best selling book tells of Jesus’ story, […]



By: Paul Murano – September, 2012 Once again America has been subject to the game of psychological and emotional manipulation called politics. It is offensive to anyone devoted to the truth. In the two national conventions this past month we’ve learned that Mitt Romney and Barack Obama help their wives with the dishes, love their […]

Daniel Avila Was Right

Daniel Avila Was Right

  By: Paul Murano – December, 2011 In the October 28th edition of the Boston Pilot, the Newspaper of the Archdiocese of Boston, Daniel Avila wrote a column entitled, “Some fundamental questions on same-sex attraction”. He was highly criticized, and both he and the newspaper apparently bowed to politically correct pressure and issued a public […]

My Fellow Talking Animals

  By: Paul Murano – May, 2010 My Fellow Talking Animals . . . I am increasingly confronted with signs that remind me we have crossed the Rubicon, the threshold of sanity, and our only collective hope is a deep conversion of mind and heart. Every semester I take an informal poll in my college […]

Are we out of the Woods yet?

  By: Paul Murano – March, 2010 There have been two opposite reactions in the aftermath of Tiger Woods’ public apology, and each is an inappropriate extreme. One illustrates the fatal flaw of capitalism, the other of secularism. The first was the media blitz we were inundated with for a week, with everyone and his […]

The March for Life was a March for Truth

  By: Paul Murano – February, 2007   The 34th annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. on January 22nd, gathering tens of thousands from around the country, remained under the radar. The mainstream media, once again, refused to cover it.  Why?  The journalistic arm of the cultural left sees abortion as the necessary back-up for […]