The Two Old Men and the Sea, Lifelong Barbers, Friends Reunited after 50 Years

While servicing their regular customers and walk-ins during the summer “Frolics Season”, they also trimmed the hair of some of the big name stars who appeared at the Frolic’s like Paul Anka, Steve Lawrence, Frankie Avalon and even Tony Bennett, along with others. (“The only reason we got to trim their hair, Frank tells, is because there was no other Barber Shop within 10 miles!!”) Make no mistake; Frank and Mr. Sid have no lack of stories, history or experience.

However exciting these times were that they shared together, their lives eventually took them in separate directions. Serrano opened up his own barbershop “Casa de Serrano” where he debuted the very first instance of Razor-Cutting as a method of men’s hairstyling in Massachusetts-a method he still continues to use to this day, and a method that produces an especially sharp haircut.

Mr. Sid began a successful 35-year business “Hair Designs for Guys and Gals” in Lawrence which was, after a legal battle with the Board of Registration, the first shop which allowed barbers and hairdressers to work side-by-side within the same building, thus changing the operation of barber and hair-salon businesses across Massachusetts forever. There is no doubt that Frank and Mr. Sid were, and are leaders in their field and simply exude experience and skill.

Eventually the two friends retired, but not content with simply doing nothing, and along with the desire to stay sharp as the scissors they use, both continued to work as part-time barbers at various locations making friends and devoted customers along the way. Recently Serrano, looking for the same sense of excitement that marked his time at Salisbury, opened up his new business “Frank’s Barber Shop” right on Main Street in North Andover just a few doors down from where he has worked for the past 15 years.

One day in passing, Mr. Sid, who at the time was working a few hours a week at the Andover Barber Shop in Andover, saw his old friend putting the shop together. Mr. Sid stopped by to say “hi”, one thing led to another and they decided to work together again – much older, much wiser, and much better barbers!

So, do you prefer the warm welcoming that a new small business owned by members of the community creates, or rather the faceless chain-store “Who’s next?!?” approach? Aren’t the memories you have of going in to your regular barber with your parents among the best? And if they are, would you not also want your boys to have the same? Today’s world is fast, no doubt. Sometimes we are busy morning to night. We grudgingly swap old experiences and memories for speed and efficiency – but, in some ways this leaves us longing for the days when things seemed a lot simpler.

Although solving the big world and national problems might be asking for a little too much, Frank Serrano and Mr. Sid would be more than happy to listen to your problems and give sage advice, lend a compassionate ear and give quality, personally styled haircuts for men and/or their sons. A professional, positive and fun experience is guaranteed and waiting for you at the newly founded Frank’s Barber Shop on 150 Main Street, North Andover, Massachusetts (Next to Bank of America)

For right now Frank is available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8 to 5:30 and Saturday from 7 to 4. Mr. Sid is available on Wednesday from 8 to 5:30.


Frank’s Barber Shop

150 Main St. North Andover, MA 01845

Call for an appointment

(978) 837-3000

Walk-Ins and Kids are Welcome!!

(Plenty of free parking is available)


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