Thousands and Thousands of Cards From Throughout The World Pouring in to Hero Helpers Headquarters!

heroes66Mansfield, MA (December 9, 2014) – Hero Helpers of America and Heartillery Group launched their second annual Mission Holiday Cards in mid October with a deadline of this Friday, December 12.

The sister organizations with the help of Operation Christmas Cards set what they thought was a high goal of 50,000 cards. Since then the two groups have been bombarded with holiday cards from as far away as Europe. The dining room of the Founder of  Hero Helpers of America is completely filled with over 25,000 cards, and counting. They expect by Friday to hit over 100,000 cards.

The two organizations have been working endlessly on what seems like a never ending-but an extremely rewarding–process of reading, sorting and mailing to our heroes overseas.

This card project is close to home to the Hero Helpers team as they just welcomed home one of their heroes, Lcpl George Eliopoulos from a lengthy tour in Afghanistan 3 weeks ago, and ready to say see you later to one of their other heroes, Lcpl Colby Williams, who is set to deploy early in the new year.

“Receiving the cards in such drastic amounts has been so humbling. Receiving these packages for the past 5 weeks has been better than opening Christmas gifts on Christmas morning. Knowing that these are going to our service members who won’t be home, is the best feeling in the entire world.” Eliopoulos said. Lauren Eliopoulos is the founder of Hero Helpers of America.

For more information please go e-mail, call 508.631.4758 or visit


Hero Helpers of America is a non profit that aims to supply members of the Unites States military, our veterans, and their families with consistent support and appreciation. In addition Hero Helpers of America reaches out to communities across America to raise awareness of our military’s needs and the overwhelming effects of PTSD. Hero Helpers of America aims to give back to those who give their all. Lauren Eliopoulos started the foundation when her brother LCpl George Eliopoulos graduated boot camp. George just recently returned home from Afghanistan. For more information please

Lauren Eliopoulos & Family would be honored to have you come cover the story, and see the amazing amount of cards in her dining room. Please call 508.631.4758 or email Lauren Eliopoulos at to coordinate.