Voters Speak in Town Elections in North Andover


Voters of North Andover voters went to the polls last month and decided on who will represent them on the Board of Selectman, School Committee and Technical School Committee.

Voters chose two candidates to represent them on the Board of Selectmen out of four candidates: Selectmen Tracy Watson and Rick Nardella and challengers Don Stewart (a former Selectman) and Joe Edward Smith.

Incumbent Selectman Tracy Watson topped the ticked with 1,461 votes. Placing second and edging out incumbent Rick Nardella was former Selectman Don Stewart who beat Nardella by twelve votes (Stewart- 1,304 to Nardella 1,292). Joe Edward Smith finished last with 505 votes.

Voters also elected two school committee members, reelecting Stan Limpert 1,589 votes and electing newcomer Brian Gross with 1,560 votes. Stan Novak placed third with 920 votes.

On the Greater Lawrence Technical School Committee voters chose Frank Rossi a former teacher from the Technical School over firefighter Bob Bonenfant by only eight votes (1,047 to 1,039).

According to Joyce Bradshaw the North Andover Town Clerk only 2,101 votes were cast in last month’s election.

Members of the Board of Selectman and School Committee serve three years.