Will Drivers’ Licenses for Illegal Aliens Give Republicans a Chance in Massachusetts?


State Rep. Jim LyonsJim Lyons, head of the Massachusetts Republican Party has a plan to help get republicans elected in the November 8th state elections on Tuesday.

Lyons told a group of republican candidates and their supporters at the North Andover VFW last month that he believes his ballot question to stop illegal aliens from getting drivers licenses will also usher in victories for Geoff Diehl, and other republicans running for state office.

Lyons said that his strategy is get low propensity voters to go to the polls and use the list of 100,000 people who signed the ballot petition to do it.

“We have a plan. We have identified, by town, the number of people who signed the petition (to put licenses on the ballot). There were over 100,000 signatures and 91,000 were certified.”

“Of the 91,000 that were certified, 21,000 were Republicans, 60,000 were unenrolled, and 10,000 were Democrats. So, you can see, right across the board the support that this issue has with voters.”

“In a recent poll it showed that 40% of the electorate in Massachusetts named the economy as their number one issue.”

“In that poll, the data shows support on this issue among independents is 62% to 30% against giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens.”

“This is going to be a great election cycle, Republicans, Independents, and conservative Democrats are all united around this issue and the policies that make this country great; freedom, liberty, personal responsibility. These folks on the left, they’re nuts, there’s no other way to describe them.”

“Everybody remembers the famous line from the 90s ‘it’s the economy, stupid’. That’s what it’s all about. Inflation is almost at 10%, gas up 25%. electric bills, a 64% increase starting in November. Food costs are up 13.5%. It’s all about the economy and the Democrats are the ones responsible for this economy.”

“The skyrocketing inflation is out of control, and it is one party rule in Washington D.C. It’s one-party rule here in Massachusetts. And if we ever, ever elect Maura Healey governor of Massachusetts she will destroy Massachusetts in less than six months.”
“If we ever elect Andrea Campbell (Attorney General) criminals will be running the streets of Massachusetts.”

“This election cycle we have a question on the ballot. Question #4. We need to vote No, and we need to get everyone we know to vote no.”

“This ballot question is intended to drive people to the polls who don’t normally come out in a state election.”

“State-wide, we have 209,000 people who don’t normally vote in a gubernatorial election but who would vote for Republicans if they did. They are low propensity voters.”
“We’re going to drive these low propensity voters to the polls with this issue: drivers licenses for illegal immigrants.”

“The legislature in their arrogance overwhelmingly voted to give drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, and then overrode the governor’s veto when he refused to sign it.”
“This one piece of legislation will destroy our economy because of the extra tax dollars that will be spent on people who are in our country illegally. Not to mention the crime that will increase because of the illegal immigration.”

“Fentanyl is running crazy in our streets. 85% of drug traffickers are from the illegal immigration population. The worst is, and this is what the media and the democrats who control them won’t tell you, is that when they go and get a driver’s license they are automatically registered to vote.”

“And that license will give them access to everything that you and I as American citizens have. When I got my license, I was taught that getting a license was a privilege. What the radical lunatics on the left are doing in this state, are rewarding bad behavior.”

What kind of message does that send to our young children? That rules don’t matter?” ◊