“Racist” Valley Democrats Support Voter ID – Valley Patriot Editorial December 2013

By: Tom Duggan – December 15, 2013 Last month all three of Lawrence’s State Representatives voted in favor of Voter ID in Massachusetts. This is odd given that we are told day in, and day out by the Democrat leadership, and the so called “news” media that people who support Voter ID are, in fact, […]


VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL  August, 2o11 The number of underhanded tactics employed by Lawrence Mayor Willie Lantigua and his supporters against the efforts to gather signatures for his recall were staggering. And they weren’t shy about it. They even bragged about it on Facebook. On the pro- Lantigua webpage Yo No Firma (which means DO NOT SIGN), Lantigua supporters attacked […]

Five questions for Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua

By: Robert O’Koniewski, Esq. – January, 2010     As we go to print, the City of Lawrence stands on the threshold of history. On Monday, January 4, Lawrence state representative William Lantigua was sworn in as the city’s first elected mayor of Hispanic descent. As a newly elected mayor, however, Mr. Lantigua is now […]

Today we are all Lawrencians

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL November, 2009   In last month’s race for the Mayor’s office in Lawrence, Willie Lantigua (da chief) defeated David Abdoo. While we have some serious reservations about Lantigua’s ability to manage the city of Lawrence, as well as the character of those insiders he has surrounded himself with, today is a new day. The election is […]