Erin Cox Confesses to Drinking at Underage Party That Gained National Attention – The History of a Bogus Media Story That Never Happened

NORTH ANDOVER – Valley Patriot sources at Lawrence District Court and in law enforcement tell The Valley Patriot that North Andover volleyball player Erin Cox was in court last month with a signed confession, admitting she was in possession of alcohol and consuming alcohol at an underage drinking party. Cox claimed initially that she was […]

Former North Andover’s Acting Superintendent Gave Himself Illegal Raise of $4,484 Raise

VALLEY PATRIOT EXCLUSIVE!   By: Tom Duggan – January, 2008   The North Andover School Committee is suing their former acting Superintendent Richard Bergeron for illegally giving himself a $4,484.34 raise without school committee approval.  A complaint filed in Lawrence District Court claims that Bergeron ordered a payroll clerk to put the additional money in […]