City Pays DiAdamos $4M Rent For Building Worth $801,200

City Pays DiAdamos $4M Rent For Building Worth $801,200

By: Tom Duggan – July, 2013 According to documents obtained by The Valley Patriot, Carmine and William DiAdamo of the DiAdamo and DiAdamo Law firm are not only the worker’s compensation attorney’s for the City of Lawrence, but the money they made on the city for rental payments of their Essex Street buildings under the Lantigua […]

That Illegal Diadamo Lease at the School Department Central Offices in Lawrence

By: Mark Gray – January 2013 What could your city/town do with 500,000 a year? Throw it in the garbage, right? Isn’t that what all your politicians and elected officials are doing right now in Lawrence with the illegal DiAdamo lease on Essex Street? What would you do if they were? Would you call them […]

Lantigua using School Employees for City Services

By: Tom Duggan – June, 2010 Lawrence School Committeeman Mark Gray says that Mayor Willie Latigua is violating state law by using Chapter 70 Education money (earmarked solely or school spending) to balance the city budget. “He is using the school’s Internet Technology department to do work on computers in city hall and in the […]