With Friends Like Roger Twomey Who Needs Mortal Enemies?

With Friends Like Roger Twomey Who Needs Mortal Enemies?

  By Tom Duggan – June, 2014 Lawrence City Councilor Roger Twomey is running for state representative as a Republican making this a three way race among himself, incumbent Marcos Devers (Democrat) and embattled former Mayor, Willie Lantigua (Independent). Some say Twomey is only in the race to divide the anti-Lantigua vote and help the […]


VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL  August, 2o11 The number of underhanded tactics employed by Lawrence Mayor Willie Lantigua and his supporters against the efforts to gather signatures for his recall were staggering. And they weren’t shy about it. They even bragged about it on Facebook. On the pro- Lantigua webpage Yo No Firma (which means DO NOT SIGN), Lantigua supporters attacked […]

Councilor Criticizes Lantigua for Racist Policy

Lawrence Councilor LaPlante says mayor wrong for only putting city job postings in Spanish Language newspapers   By: Tom Duggan, February 2, 2010  Lawrence City Councilor Marc LaPlante took Mayor Willie Lantigua to task Wednesday night for his policy of only posting city jobs in Spanish Language weekly newspapers and not “the daily paper of record.  Since […]