Outlaw Murder So There Will Be No More Death ~VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL, Aug, 2019

August, 2019

It has become comical watching feckless and ignorant politicians having knee- jerk reactions every time there’s a mass shooting.

They trip over themselves to get in front of a TV camera to exploit murder victims for political gain before the bodies are even cold.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren shamelessly took to twitter within minutes of the El Paso shooting, demanding ‘common-sense comprehensive gun reform’ – which is political code for banning and seizing your guns.

Democrat presidential candidates Corey Booker and Robert (Beto) O’Rourke blamed President Trump for the shooting, hoping to please the base of their party who blames Trump for everything from white supremacy to global warming.

Democrat presidential candidates Kamela Harris and Eric Swalwell (who dropped out) have both said they would confiscate guns if elected, and put law abiding citizens in jail if they refused to turn in their weapons.

Several democrat presidential candidates sent out fundraising emails before the El Paso victims were even identified – ghoulishly trying to get rich on the murder victims and their families.

In an attempt to emotionally manipulate the population, democrats and their propaganda ministers in the so called “news media” cry about “the children” and paint anyone who disagrees with their so-called ‘solutions’ as bad people.

“We should ban assault weapons” they cry.

“We should ban “weapons of war” they screech.

But, there is no legal definition of an “assault weapon”.

All guns are “assault weapons”.

All guns are “weapons of war”.

And that’s the point. Given the chance, most democrats in D.C. would ban all guns, claiming it will reduce “gun violence”.

It won’t. And they know that.

Criminals by definition don’t care how many laws Congress passes. To them, laws are just words on a piece of paper. Don’t believe us? Ask the dead women who had restraining orders against their killers when they were snuffed out.

The fact is, the El Paso shooter used a magazine that carries more than 100 rounds per clip when he slaughtered people in Walmart. That magazine was already illegal in Texas. That law didn’t stop the El Paso shooter from using it.

What’s more, we had an ‘assault weapons ban’ in the 90’s where certain types of rifles were banned based only on how ‘scary’ they looked – even though the guns that were banned, were no different than other rifles that didn’t “look scary”.

At the end of that ten year ban, the SCIENCE and the DATA showed that during the ban, gun violence actually went up. It’s odd that the party which claims to respect SCIENCE and DATA when it comes to global warming, completely ignore the SCIENCE and DATA when it comes to gun crimes.

The fact is, rifles and so called ‘assault weapons’ have been around for more than 150 years. Yet, mass shootings like Columbine, El Paso, and Sandy Hook are recent phenomenons. Why were there no mass shootings of this frequency in the 1940’s, 50’s, 70’s? Especially when the types of rifles used in recent mass shootings were much more plentiful back then.

It’s clear the problem is not the availability of such weapons. SCIENCE would dictate that the so called ‘solutions’ proposed by democrat demagogues and the anti-gun media will only increase gun crimes.

Government cannot stop violence. In fact, our entire criminal justice system was designed to respond to crime not to prevent it. As a free society our government was designed to punish those who break the law, not those who are ‘likely’ to break the law. That kind of governance is tyrannical.

Finally, it is patently dishonest to say that banning any type of gun will stop those hell bent on killing lots of people. Timothy McVeigh blew up the Murrah building using fertilizer. The Boston Marathon bombers used crock pots. The 911 terrorists used planes and box cutters.

Banning guns or instituting gun control will do nothing to stop someone hell bent on committing mass murder.

Maybe our government should just pass a laws banning all murder.

According to the Democrats, that will end all killing. ◊



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2 Responses to Outlaw Murder So There Will Be No More Death ~VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL, Aug, 2019

  1. Little Dicky Reply

    August 19, 2019 at 10:03 AM

    Synopsys, people kill people and use bullets to any kind of gun it don’t matter what SCARY gun. What we are leaving out as non humanoids is the following . What about knifes ? Oh no , nobody ever banned SCARY knives.

    Just someone who loves your writing

  2. Hank D Reply

    September 8, 2019 at 12:37 PM

    Your argument is flawed. The slippery slope no longer holds up when it’s evident that doing nothing is not having an effect on reducing gun violence generally, and multiple victim homicides specifically. The point of restraining laws/orders as not having an effect as evidenced by the victims still being victimized is an infantile argument. You totally ignore the fact that domestic violence is down in America, to make your argument that not ALL victims were saved. There is room for improvement in our gun laws. Imposing a barrier to a right is not an infringement of rights. Reporters still need credentials for access. Churches still have to register and incorporate to avoid taxes. Permits must be granted to rally and protest. A class A or B does not infringe in your right in Massachusetts.

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