Supporters of the Corrupt Swamp Resent Hearing About Corruption (#theyallknow)

By: Dr. Bharani Padmanabhan – March, 2018

I’ve wondered about the clerical staff at our courthouses who see shady briefs pass through their hands and witness judges issue corrupt decisions every day. And I figured they keep quiet because they are afraid of losing their pensions. Not one leak to the press.

It’s the silence of the other folks who don’t have to fear for their jobs that is remarkable, like the Bar Counsel, the Judicial Conduct Commission, the Massachusetts Bar Association and of course the folks who write emotional pieces in the Globe on permitted topics that masquerade as informed journalism.

Last month I wrote about Maura Healey breaking a major law to help her friend Loretta Cooke. Maura stole money from the Treasury when she did that. Her office continues to steal tax dollars to defend Loretta in court in violation of state law. And this isn’t some piddling little law; it goes to the heart of state sovereignty and the right of the taxpayers to not pay for crimes committed by Maura’s friends.

But try telling that to the Supreme Court’s Bar Counsel, who allegedly police the state’s lawyers. Assistant Bar Counsel Meagher claimed stealing from the Treasury was okay because a judge agreed with Maura, and tossed my complaint. I sent it back, with a copy to all the Bar Counsel, reminding them that breaking a major law to steal money meant Maura must be disbarred. Silence ensues.

I then informed the Bar Association that Maura broke a major law and stole from the Treasury. Their Vice President, Denise Murphy from Rubin & Rudman, responded by blocking further emails from me.

On her firm’s gushing profile, Attorney Murphy touts the fact that she is the Vice President of the Mass Bar. Clients are meant to be impressed that they will be paying for someone of substance. But that seems to be the sole purpose of Attorney Murphy’s association with the Mass Bar. If Murphy cared even an iota about maintaining the integrity of her profession she would not have made clear that she did not want to know about Maura’s crimes so she did not have to do anything about it.

I informed Mass Bar’s President and their General Counsel Martin Healy about their VP’s refusal to even hear about corruption and offered to include their response in this column. As Tom Duggan likes to say, crickets.

Maura then arranged for her favorite judge to muscle in on the RICO case in which she and Loretta are co-defendants. Judge Gorton barged in to save Maura from certain doom. I petitioned the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals to stop Judge Gorton from replacing the real judge. The court threw out my petition and also sealed it so the public can’t read what they denied.

The corrupt swamp takes care of its own.

The total lack of response from Karyn Polito, Charlie Baker, Robert DeLeo and Harriet Chandler is equally fascinating. It isn’t every day that someone repeatedly informs them that the Attorney General stole money from the Treasury.

I asked the Globe’s Scot Lehigh when he would call for Baker, Polito and DeLeo to talk about Maura stealing from the Treasury. Scot’s exact words: “Don’t be a zealot, Bharani. These times demand intelligent, rational people. Oh for God’s sakes, don’t be dumb.” To loyal swamp stenographers, opposing corruption is irrational and dumb.

To me their total silence regarding Turtleboy’s blockbuster revelations is stunning too.

In just a few months, Turtleboy has managed to force four senior State Police leaders to flee the barracks, exposed the swamp called Joe Early’s office and Worcester District Court, followed by forcing the State Police to suspend a person who helped sell 1,000 kilos of weed and then became a Trooper as a Lt. Colonel’s girlfriend.

Turtleboy also revealed that Colonel Marian McGovern enjoys the CrossFit Challenge, after obtaining a tax-free pension by claiming heart disease. We’ve brought this to the attention of Inspector General Glenn Cunha but the chance of Cunha opposing corruption is zero.

Turtleboy has more integrity than the Governor, the Inspector General, the Attorney General, the State Auditor, the Bar Counsel, the Bar Association and the Globe’s Lehigh put together and has done the taxpayers of Massachusetts a great service by exposing the swamp. Little wonder then that Turtleboy is a shoo-in for this year’s Valley Patriot First Amendment Award.

When it comes to clear evidence of corruption, the reptiles running this swamp don’t want to hear about it from “dumb” “truth vigilantes”, just like the SEC blew off warnings about Madoff for 10 years. That way they don’t have to stop crime and can continue to be “intelligent, rational” posturing frauds who support corruption and crime.

Bharani Padmanabhan MD PhD is a multiple sclerosis neurologist. On July 12, 2017 the state medical board stole his license because he reported Medicaid fraud to the government.



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5 Responses to Supporters of the Corrupt Swamp Resent Hearing About Corruption (#theyallknow)

  1. Aliana B. E. von Richthofen Reply

    April 3, 2018 at 10:41 AM

    They all have skeletons in their closets and cover for each other.
    Those of us who’ve been around the block several times know it. Unfortunately, those who don’t keep spinning their wheels.
    Victims of court corruption need to form a group to be reckoned with and become a real force for change to protect the public from this scourge.

    • Deb Reply

      September 22, 2020 at 5:30 PM

      Aliana B.E.von Richthofen. A group can be formed on Facebook so that people have a fighting chance to be heard by a non-bias court (federal court) since Massachusetts courts cannot enforce laws of basic civil rights and uphold basic public policy.

  2. Bridget Harrison Reply

    September 24, 2018 at 8:30 AM

    They killed a infant at a hospital and covered it up

    • Deb Reply

      September 22, 2020 at 5:23 PM

      Hi Bridget Harrison there is a case that comes to mind and it is a sad situation especially for the family who suffered a loss as the one you have stated; I believe the name of the baby girl was Conleigh. I came across that case because of the presiding judge who has been accused of “collusion“ and the records that disappeared. That judge is dishonest and she reports false findings and she has her privilege buddies to protect her under their fraud system of justice. Ex-court clerks accused them (judges) of lying in bed together and covering for each others’ unethical behaviors while screwing the little people over. My sister calls it the kangaroo court system.

  3. Dennis Bain Reply

    December 20, 2020 at 10:10 AM

    I am a victim of the Massachusetts District and probate court system. Having never been in trouble in my life up until I was 53 years old. I have committed no crimes but had 9 judges in five courts violate my civil rights over the past 7 years. I will be filing a 1983 civil rights case against these people.

    Anyone interested in hearing more about this case please contact me.