20 Years Later – America Disgraces Our 9/11 Heroes ~PAYING ATTENTION with TOM DUGGAN


Sept, 2021

911xTwenty years ago this nation was attacked by Muslim Terrorists who hate this country because we do not subjugate our women, we do not believe in violence committed in the name of our “god” and we allow our citizens the freedom to make their own decisions.

We remember the towers coming down that day, the innocent civilians who jumped to their deaths, the hole in the Pentagon, and the brave people who took down the plane in Shanksville, Pennsylvania so that those terrorists could not fly the plane into the White House.

We also remember the hero police officers and firefighters who were charging into the towers as they were collapsing, the weeks of searching for survivors, and the selfless actions of thousands of Americans who proclaimed that day that we would never ever forget.


In fact, we all made that pledge.

On that day, our eyes were opened to the fact that we had ignored the real threat from Muslim terrorists while we were all obsessed with Charlie Sheen, Miley Cyrus, and the irrelevant outrage of the day. Again we said, we will never do that again.

Our eyes were opened to real risks and sacrifices that our cops and firefighters make every day. We finally got it; we as a nation finally understood the importance of police, firefighters and other first responders.

On 9/12, the day after, we were all Americans. There was no Republican vs. Democrat, no black vs. white, no men vs. women. We all understood that if we do not stand together to address this threat to our country and our lives, we would not be here much longer.

My how times have changed.

Now, twenty years later, the Taliban controls Afghanistan, Al Qaida is killing Americans, our president cares more about white supremacy than real threats to the homeland, our police are under attack in every major city, our flag is burned by Americans obsessed with race and class warfare, our celebrities and sports figures disrespect our flag and our freedoms, and our politicians think nothing of leaving Americans stranded behind enemy lines.

It’s a disgrace.

How did we get here?

How did this country go from fully united in our understanding and appreciating of the threats that face us – and the value of our police – to turning on each other and painting all cops as racist killers who gun down people for fun?

How did we go from a government hell-bent on killing our enemies to a government that rewards them with money, weapons, and a promise of legitimacy if they just promise to be good?

How did we go from understanding who our real enemies are, to obsessing on phantom enemies like “climate change” and “white supremacy” and people who don’t want to wear a mask?

It almost seems as though 9/11 never happened. We pay lip service to the sacrifices made that day the way we now pay lip service to Martin Luther King’s dream of black and white people living in a color-blind society.

The fact is, as a society, we didn’t forget, we just stopped caring. As a result, our leaders stopped caring.
We did that. We are responsible for it.

And because we are now living in a pre-911 mindset in this country, with compulsions to turn on each other instead of standing together against those who wish to destroy our government, our freedoms, and our lives – there is another 9/11 coming.

We know that because we are doing the same thing we were doing prior to 9/11.

We hold ceremonies for our fallen soldiers but do nothing about veteran homelessness. We say we care about the rule of law, while we open our borders creating an entire class of people who are exempt from the law. We silence people who try to alert us to the dangers of Muslim terrorists by calling them racists and bigots. We spit on the memory of those who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan by treating Muslim terrorists like legitimate nation state allies.

We often hear the phrase, elections have consequences. What we are experiencing today is proof of that.

The only way to reverse all of this is to start caring again.

We have to start caring about who we elect and make sure they are going to protect us. We have to start paying attention to the real threats to our freedoms and our lives. We have to stop attacking each other and start attacking those who are truly trying to take us down, both abroad and from within.

If we don’t return to the mindset we had on 9/12, twenty years from now The United States will look a lot more like Afghanistan and a lot less like America. ◊