Valley Patriot Editorial: The Only Thing Wrong With Hanging Saddam… It was To Good for Him

  January 01, 2007  The New York Times editorial staff, in what could only be excused by a pre-New Years Eve drinking binge, complained in its December 29th editorial that Saddam’s trial was “flawed” and that the Iraqi government didn’t punish him in a way that “nurtured hope for a better future.”  The standard set […]

Lawrence Council President Blanchette Called “Dangerous”

Lawrence Council President Blanchette Called “Dangerous”

  By: Tom Duggan – January 2007  Lawrence City Council President Patrick Blanchette has been on a mission for the last few months. His mission: create a firestorm around Budget and Finance Director John Griffin so that he either quits or gets fired, create a firestorm around Caroline Ganley (who has left) and Planning Director […]

Valley Patriot Editorial: People Finally Prevail Over Cowardly Legislature

  January 01, 2007  In a surprise action, on January 2nd the Constitutional Convention of the Massachusetts Legislature actually voted to move forward a citizen petition to amend the state constitution on the definition of marriage. The constitution itself, in Article 48, requires the ConCon legislators to vote up or down on a citizen initiative […]

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